The 80 To 1 Miracle, Rich Strike Winning The Kentucky Derby, May 7, 2022

I believe this year’s Kentucky Derby is illustrative of where we are in America. Let’s face it: It doesn’t look good for the United States—or the free world. To put it in racing terms, the odds of America overcoming the billionaire machines that are orchestrating the collapse of freedom, limited government, foundational moral principles and sound economics is about the same as those of Rich Strike winning the Kentucky Derby.
But as I said in my Mother’s Day message last Sunday: “For with God nothing shall be impossible,” quoting Luke 1:37.
I am confident that the ruling class is smugly convinced they are on the verge of total conquest. First the Covid tyranny and now war and economic chaos. It is a one-two punch that has America staggering against the ropes—and ALL the signs are that it will only get worse.
Furthermore, the vast majority of Americans—both conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats—are being sheepishly led around by the nose by the U.S. propaganda machine. And most evangelical churches are part of the propaganda machine.
As I look around at the political, civil and religious landscapes, it is easy to start feeling the loneliness and helplessness that Elijah felt. When 80% of evangelicals are a major promoter of the Covid tyranny and war propaganda, any kind of recovery seems as likely as Rich Strike winning the Kentucky Derby.
But when you watch that race, you will see something in that horse that is unmistakable. That horse ran with confidence, courage and HEART. There was something inside that horse last Saturday that would not let him accept defeat. He looked the top millionaire horse in the eye and said, “Not today!” He didn’t know that he was supposed to lose.
Rich Strike should be all of us. Forget the odds. Forget the wannabe tyrant billionaires. Forget the corrupt millionaire politicians. Forget the lying propaganda media. Forget the pantywaist preachers.
When God Almighty is ready for His courageous, indefatigable, “Not today!” Remnant to change the race, He can do it in two minutes.
But we must have what that race horse had last Saturday. We must have the courage, stamina, strength and determination to put our whole heart in this race for Truth and Liberty. And, as with Rich Strike, we must be unwilling to accept defeat.
Man! I like that horse!

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