April 20, 2021


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Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is the “Premier Who Stole Christmas”

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48 thoughts on “Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is the “Premier Who Stole Christmas”

  1. I think Rebel News cover good topics but when they do a report like this I think Rebel News and the reports are full of sh*t. I suggest you look at Alberta and see your problem instead of coming to another province. Just because you guy voted in a spinless fool do say other provinces are bad. As for the head scarf and Muslim laws passed in Quebec I back Quebec 100% on them.

  2. I think you have missed the point of the "rules" in Manitoba. You can buy the Grinch sweater or the wrapping paper etc online from WalMart and do curbside pick up. It means people will be spending less time in the store, with less chance of exposure. You do not have to buy Amazon. With 14% positivity rates too many people are dying.

  3. We live in Saskatchewan. And, I wish our premier would make restrictions tighter, because if not, we can all come up with a new Christmas Carol called, "I'll Be Dead for Christmas." I think Brian Pallister really cares about the people of Manitoba. The reality is that people are dying from this Covid-19.

  4. This is seriously out of control!!!
    Wake up Canada!!!! We need to stand up !!!!
    Stop complying with all this non sense!!!
    We the people make the rules! And we are the strength in numbers!!!!!

  5. By shopping at Walmart rather than in small shops , you give y0ur money to the richest.
    You can buy everything that's in Walmart somewhere else.
    People who order on Amazon could order via any small business website as well, they choose to order on Amazon, nobody is making them.

    But I do also disagree on what have been judged essential and non essential

  6. I’m sure he will be enjoying Christmas with his family. I need cloths for my two boys. This is all a political hoax, the virus is real but the so called protection is bullshit

  7. What we seen in the spring time that happened in Communist China is what we are experiencing in Manitoba. With a population of over 1 million people in Manitoba, we now have the same “communist” type behaviour in what we can buy and in public policing by snitching on fellow Manitobans dictated by a communist dictator leader, Brian Pallister. How true, Pallister is putting Manitoba money for businesses in our province and directing it to Amazon billionaires.

  8. I live in Manitoba, and these restrictions are silly!! Doing what he just did SOME MANY PEOPLE are just using self checkout for items they can't have. His fear and restrictions are not on par with all of Canada. We have an Amazon distribution center here vs ma and pop shops that are SUFFERING

  9. It's absolutely stupid. I don't get what buying certain items has to do with COVID. Restricting the number of people in the store at a time, social distancing, sanitizing and mask wearing isn't enough?

  10. It’s so easy to make light of a pandemic. As ridiculous as this lockdown, the lockdowns and restrictions are necessary. The repercussions of hospitals being overrun with covid patients Is a bigger issue than you not being able to buy a card.

  11. Oh please. You can still purchase online and there is curb side pickup. It’s not as bad as all that. Suck it up. He’s not stealing Christmas, this was everyone’s doing. Well you’ll be experiencing the same in Alberta in a few days so now you can call your own premier a tyrant. I don’t care what you think either. Idiots.

  12. Every day in this province 300-500 people are getting Covid. Many are dying. If the premier did nothing people would complain. He does something about it and people complain. You can’t make everyone happy. If people had been more responsible this wouldn’t be happening.

  13. To all Canadians who really want to see what your government is doing to you.
    "The Biedermen Report of 1956 and Covid 19"
    Read it and you will understand everything being done to you.

  14. Can't wait for the press conference coming to your city soon with this announcement,

    "After much concern and careful thought to save lives, because every life counts, we have come up with a new colour coded zone, the Flaming Red zones. In those zones we are taking extra measures to stop the spread of covid 19. We have consulted with the experts and come up with a plan that is guaranteed to work at stopping the spread. As of midnight on December 24th we are ordering people in the flaming red zones to stop breathing for a 14 day period. Yes this is a drastic but temporary measure that according to the latest extensive studies is necessary to keep the precious residents of this province safe and to save even one life from the deadly Covid 19. By people in the flaming red zones not breathing for 2 weeks, you will show your deep and selfless commitment to keeping others safe during these unprecedented times. After the 14 day period of breathlessness you will be required to go to one of our testing centers where our friendly staff will determine if you are negative for covid 19. Only after you test negative will you be certified to breath again. We are working at warp speed to bring in the most qualified professionals to head up a newly created government Ministry of breathing. For the safety of all people we want to make sure that only people who test negative for this deadly covid 19 virus will be certified to breathe. I appreciate the residents of Ontario for all the sacrifices you have done to keep each other safe since March 2020. We want to thank you in advance for your cooperation. Only by working together will we get through this and (Fill in your Jurisdiction) will be the envy of the rest of the world. Merry Christmas everyone. I am your Premier (Fill in the Blank), committed to doing everything possible to keep you safe from the covid 19."

  15. Our only chance to get out of these mess, is to give trump the chance to do the investigation if trudeau cheat in the election, if his not our prime minister we should kick him out of his position!

  16. *Brian Pallister persuing Walmarts book section, "cover that, cover that, cover that, ooohhh is that Karl Marx's communist manifesto, actually that's fine that's an essential book its fine, cover that, cover that, wait is that Ayn Rands Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal uhhhh that a… that's a known coronavirus vector we are going to need you to take these books off the shelves and burn them, every copy, yes even the ones in the back."

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