February 27, 2021


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Manitoba's SECRET COVID-19 camp: what's going on here?

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24 thoughts on “Manitoba's SECRET COVID-19 camp: what's going on here?

  1. I wonder if people know how stupid they sound about the stalag 13 fence with the 3 rows of barbed wire, l hope it works better than the one we have around our business the only they it keeps out is the dogs humans not so much!

  2. So let's do something instead of talking about it. People have to start saying no. No to help build these. No to masks. No to tests. Etc take your ticket and fight it. Its your right not to wear one!

  3. it is NOT what this guy is saying frick sakes people it is a place you can go if you need to safely isolate to not put your family at risk contact President David Chartrand from the MMF he will tell you

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