February 27, 2021


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Maphilindo, the would be superstate of Asia

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24 thoughts on “Maphilindo, the would be superstate of Asia

  1. Sorry its Indonesian Archipelago don't Malay archipelago because The territory of Indonesia is the largest here and Indonesia is not Malay but Indonesia is Indonesia

  2. Basically it's like Philippines 🇵🇭 annexed Indonesia 🇮🇩 , Malaysia 🇲🇾 , Brunei 🇧🇳 and Singapore 🇸🇬

    Anyways Poor Timor Leste 🇱🇸 didn't join the fun lol 😂

  3. How about like this:

    The power are separated into three point: Manilla, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur? The Greater Capital of Malay Superstate would be in the middle of those three cities. The existing country will become a state and the three country will merged into one superstate. Not much will change but we can call ourselves Malay Superstate and eliminate stuff like passport, etc. The federal reserve would also be huge and we would have unified currency.

    The way to divide power would be pretty similar to how most country divide theirs, just the main power would be divided into three (former) capital, then onto their respective district and so on.

    The benefit? Not much but at least we can have megaproject without much trouble like connecting the three capital with a highway and trains that would probably took century to build.

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