October 17, 2021


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Mark Levin: CNN Is the Master of Gaslighting the Public

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49 thoughts on “Mark Levin: CNN Is the Master of Gaslighting the Public

  1. "pushing his narrative, dividing the country, setting media-fires"… this describes Mark Levin, it is literally all he does (good money in it too). To throw all these cases in the same bag; this again describes Mark "it's all the same thing" Levin. This man is all too eager to group together half of society as the anti-American enemy, puts words into their mouths and twist their motivation just to have an easy target on which the other half can direct their frustrations and anger, and then goes whining about others using similar tactics? Grow up Levin! You want to change the game, start with being honest about how you are playing it yourself

  2. Dante Wright was being cuffed by a BLack Cop, and he RESISTED! George Floyd was a THUG, but he should not have had the knee on his neck. Wright RESISTED, and tried to get away from the cops. Cuomo is EVIL!

  3. The democrat's third world propaganda media is promoting Racism, hate, violence, and riots that is what Hitler did use the mainstream media to demonize the Jews now the media is doing the same thing Hitler did now white people are being demonized. If you forget the past you are doomed to repeat it I guess the Democrats and their media must have forgotten!

  4. MSM is destroying the legitimacy of the forensic audit in AZ. We have to go on their sites and write about the truth! Lower yourself down and go on the MSM and put your comments out there!

  5. Mark I think you're one of the most brilliant narrators on this planet today but I have a root problem with why does it seem that when we're talking to the American people on a platform is vast and comprehensive as broadcast why none of us are talking point blank listen the crisis is here and there's no turning it around Mark you know as well as I do cuz I know you're a man of faith we're in the end times.
    We keep talking like there's something that we can do about this but all we seem to do is point out the various different ways of presenting the picture of what's wrong what's wrong have you seen this and none of us are bothering to spend the time to say it's time to get right with God and leave it up to him he created this he knows exactly what to do to cure it..
    Seems to me that every ounce of energy that is exerted unexplaining the how the why the what ifs is now a waste of time.
    The world needs to know and begin to prepare for the end it's too late we're not going to be able to undo this mess.
    We need to prepare for the end times they are here and everything else is a waste of time now

  6. Has That Stupid WAP Not Heard OF COLUMBINE or PARKLAND or Any Other SCHOOL MASSACRE….VA TECH…By The ASIAN GUY With THE GLOCK?…….I COULD GO ON….gun control is easy….just make sure you have a good grip and proper stance before pulling the trigger 🇺🇸🇺🇸🍻

  7. It's hilarious that he would suggest that this receives no attention. It's all we have heard about for the last year. We hear about George Floyd's drug addict a** every single day. People still continue to break the law and resist arrest so these things continue to happen. We hear about it every day Fredo.

  8. In a world were the wolves have taken over ever aspect of governing including the agencies we the people depend on for accountability, what are good men and women to do?

  9. CUMO just cannot say or talk about anything but Covid.or Shootings ,does he not know anything Else to Talk about ??? How could New Yorkers have Voted this Man back ? Blows My Mind .

  10. Sir , I Admire that you have been able to keep going in the face of All the Lies and hypocrisy. As a grandmother in a State far from the madness, I still Pray , and wish I knew what I can DO to Stop the Madness !!!

  11. I'd love to see how big of a "tough guy" Cuomo really is. Maybe he should leave his liberal city once in a while. Come out here to fly over country amongst us commoners. See how well he's received… 😈

  12. The abolish the police solution will be a nationalised police force so communities lose control of law enforcement. Then they will come for your guns and enforce vaccine passports and secial credit or whatever hedious despotic schemes they will come up with. If you think all this sounds like conspiracy theory, you have not being paying attention. Bet you never thought it would be possible to steal a presidential election either. Time to re-assess everything you know.

  13. I wish for just one day a week we could tune into a station that just gives us the News, not anyone's opinion of the news, or their opinion of other networks. Most Americans have 'chosen a side' and no matter what they refuse to listen to the other side's reasoning. So be it. Let's move on already

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