October 17, 2021


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Mark Levin: Exposing the Lies in Hamas’ Terrorist Propaganda

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21 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Exposing the Lies in Hamas’ Terrorist Propaganda

  1. Don't get it twisted. The IDF are the terrorists as evidenced by their behavior; from their theocratic insurgency, rampant abuses of human rights, and the incessant violations of international law.

  2. You are as bad as any democrat as far as false information. Pay attention to the US , ISRAEL can take of themselves against Pee shooters from Palestinian. We actually have some people reporting from the middle east , we don't need a report from a guy in an office in NY.

  3. I have a legit question. When in the Hell did it become mainstream for HAMAS, which has always been recognized as a TERRORIST GROUP as long as I can remember, to be talked about as the poor victim when they're still committing terrorist acts?!?!?

  4. Trump: Puts sanctions on Iranian oil and assasinates qasem soleimani, who was responsible for funding countless acts of terrorism.

    Biden: Reverses sanctions and gives Iran billions of dollars after they funded the largest peacetime rocket barrage against Israeli citizens.

    Pretty good indicator of where Biden's head is at

  5. Lol really, should u belive anything from US media, have anyone actually read history about Israel? Hamas is hamas just as hezbollah is hezbollah, the only terrorists around are the guys that pushed those to exist… As Benjamin freeman said once, the zionists always destroy the country it controls and look how America is now

  6. Why do you keep saying Biden it's not bind him hes a puppet whose his handlers. Joe Biden is a puppet. Somebody wants to destroy his will is it the left is democrats they're all being blackmailed

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