October 17, 2021


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Mark Levin: How the Left Is Criminalizing Opposition to American Marxism

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45 thoughts on “Mark Levin: How the Left Is Criminalizing Opposition to American Marxism

  1. Standard procedure used by communism Nazism and Lucifer. Marxism and national socialism are closely related and the use of deception and creation of conflict is used to extensive degree. Check books " Lucifer and Marx " and " Marx and Satan" for more info


  3. I watched the whole thing on jan 6th. It was clearly a set up! The police let them in and… showed them down the hall and up the Stairs Its a joke! Some people went up to police “saying”. Do something but they just stood there! Set up’. All B S lies! Certainly not Trumps fault! It was done by the left!

  4. You said something about putting cameras in school here in Nevada that's a good idea but it will never work I've lived here 50 years I went to school here and CCSD sadly but true is the worst school district in the country that's a fact look it up

  5. For the most part, January 6th looked like a school trip, people being lead around by guards and by police officers and showing them about the place. There were a few that acted out, but nothing like what happened at the riots in Oregon and other cities around the country.

  6. They what to destroy this Americans peaceful protest they didn't hurt nobody they didn't do anything they were protesting against the politicians that are corrupting our country if it would have been BLM they've killed people that sit Federal buildings on fire they don't care innocent children have died because of BLM no innocent child died because of them

  7. The only one who died was a woman by the police. She did not do anything. Democratic communism party are cowards nobody hurt them they were just scared little girls

  8. Well, I knew the gathering was absolutely peaceful but intentioned to show Trump SUPPORT! But, although I imagined the leftist's antifa and blm was gonna be there to support chaos, but I did not know there was a planned leftist 'attack' against the peaceful gathering who was there to instigate and engage a premeditated and organized group of trained military/FBI conspirators to attack against the support of Trump!

  9. I purchased a book called Battle of The Bulge the other day. I had a copy many years ago and read it, but loaned it out and never got it back. But to my surprise after quickly buying the book at a used book store, when I got home and decided to read it….
    Someone decided that it was funny to steal the title and turn the book into a porn version loaded with pictures and pop outs. It looked exactly like my original copy on the outside so I didn't question that it wasn't. It was filthy and disgusting. I wasted $40.00 dollars and threw it away, I didn't bother bringing it back because I didn't want it back on the shelves.

  10. I keep asking everyone on social media to tag me when there’s a story about a hate crime or any violence committed by white supremacists. It’s been a few months now and I haven’t been tagged and I can’t find any articles myself. I’m beginning to think it’s all bs.

  11. The congress os making this up to put us against us. Ppl. Neednot to liayen to.tjem. we were fine til 2 uears ago. If u dont like it here leave! We are all equal and need to band to.get rid of these dweebs im congress. Thing are not gonna get better with these lyin ppl in congress
    We need to stick together and HET RID OF THEM. They are instigators to put us against each other. This is a fraud presidency because they cheated. I dont have 1 bit of respect for them only contempt! They need fired and tried for treason. Everyone of them! If they face a firing squad, the better.

  12. Democrats are the white supremacist and have been look at there history. Look in the mirror Democrats your the supremacists and have abused minorities and are power mongers.

  13. Absolutely on target. Teched a meeting back in 1998 D.C. at the Cosmo Club. Madeline Albright spoke to a small group. Sponsored by the European Institute. Many things she talked about have or are happening. Uncontrolled migration, disrupting our society, bringing out the "crazies" then going after our guns. Americans are too well armed was one comment from an attendee. I was the audio technician so know there are audio cassettes out there. Bothered me highly back then and still does. gave this info to 2 news agencies within last 2 years but don't know what's come of it. Why not sooner? People have a habit of disappearing. When Trump was elected thought that might screw them up enough. Not just Marxists but a Global Socialist Soros kabal type thing is going on. Albright was already conceding our superpower to the still rising CCP back then. So in my opinion it's a sell out, power and money grab by these enemies and traitors we are facing. Hope they get the firing squad.

  14. In at least five state and national races across the country, the Republican Party is dealing with an uncomfortable problem. Their party’s candidates are either a card-carrying Nazi, a Holocaust denier, a proud white supremacist, or all of the above.

  15. Fox News’ Mark Levin claimed Saturday that the protesters who have been arrested for participating in the Jan. 6 insurrection “are being treated like they are terrorists and at Guantanamo Bay, where they would be treated actually better.”

    Levin opened his show by asking what has happened to the protesters who have been arrested. “We have due process,” he said. “Take a look at the Constitution. We don’t have secret trials in this country.”

  16. They have been at this, the criminalizing of conservatives, since the days when Obama was running the 1st time and the Tea Party tried. They attacked them with the IRS. Probably since 2002, when George Soros and his buddy Harry Reid, aimed a target to get a leftist radical elected as Sec of State for Nevada. Took em awhile but they succeeded.

  17. I honestly feel like we are living a twisted version of 1984 with all the 'double speak' happening today. The speed at which we are descending into chaos and communism is absolutely bewildering. I always thought it was going to take a slower and longer time to "boil the frogs", but I've been shown that to not be true, and that we are minutes away from completely losing all our freedoms. I always wondered what Rome was like, but I didn't need a real life example.

  18. America's Democrats are now more Communist than the Russians. Who are we to criticize Putin? We don't even investigate and prosecute our own criminals in Washington DC. Take Fauci for example. There is compelling evidence that back in 2017, Fauci not only knew of Covid 19's development in Wuhan China, but also of the CCP's intent to release it! The man should be in jail – but instead, he remains on the loose – like Hillary and the rest of the crooks in the swamp. Biden and the rest of the Democrats are in no position to judge Russia – THEY ARE AMERICA'S BOLSHEVIKS.

  19. We are talking and talking and talking. In the meantime every woke law is passed and everyday when we are waking up the walls are closing on us a little bit more.

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