October 17, 2021


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Mark Levin: "Mad Maxine" Tries to Instigate a Riot

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25 thoughts on “Mark Levin: "Mad Maxine" Tries to Instigate a Riot

  1. Policemen are leaving their jobs because of this. What will these people do when there are no more police and people are raping, robbing and killing them with no repercussions. Oh yeah, and they will not be allowed to protect themselves because all the guns have been taken.

  2. What Mad Maxine doesn't realize is that … as Ernst Rohm once famously said … "All revolutions devour their own children." Does Mad Maxine really think that if their revolution against America and its people is ultimately successful, that she won't be touched?

  3. Black lives matter is equivalent to the Brown shurts of 1933 Germany and Mad Maxine Waters is equivalent to Hitler of 1933 Germany!!
    Don't believe me folks. Read your history.
    The sheep on Twitter send their Bleats and don't have a clue.

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