September 25, 2021


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Mark Levin: Obama’s RADICAL Legacy Continues To Haunt America

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42 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Obama’s RADICAL Legacy Continues To Haunt America

  1. Well said, Mark. Obama is the polar opposite of Dr Thomas Sowell. Dr Sowell an articulate genius who call Obama types " Anointed by Angels' Ex-President Obama is a great example of the anointed by Angels. Speaks as if he is the only one with wisdom. Looks to divide just like in "Basic communist tactics 101". SO many of us want to live peacefully together.

  2. Have you noticed that black people are so innocent when some black person gets killed by a cop the news channel interview them and the mother and father says “OH MY BABY DIDNT DO NUTHIN WRONG HES A GOOD BOY” but has a rap sheet a mile long he’s a criminal

  3. Bring back the death penalty and stream or televise every execution live. Either that legal method, or just kill all the scumbags from our government on down. Perhaps then if one or the other are begun, America just might get back to its one time top of the global pile. Maybe then we can go to war with China, Russia, and anti-American Middle East countries. And in case anyone reading isn’t smart enough…I’m only referring to those in power or those too mindless to know right from wrong.

  4. I love how Levin has to justify 8 plus years of BS he spouted calling Obama a radical Marxist who will destroy the country. Obama was centrist at best, and if most of what he did could be undone by Trump in 2 years, he clearly wasnt changing jack s**t. Levin is no different then any other pundit. Clueless and trying to push political fanfiction to make money. No one should ever listen to this guy.

  5. They want to do away with the regular police and make it just federal policing . Just to have more power over the people . I wish the people of this nation would wake of and realize the government is trying to divide us as a nation . With the black lives matter , violence against Asians ,violence against Jews , and white privilege. Governments around the world have been doing it for years . The main two things they use are race and religion .That is the easiest way for for them to bring in there socialist agenda for complete control . JUST REMEMBER AMERICA (UNITED WE STAND , DIVIDED WE FALL.) GOD BLESS AMERICA

  6. This is the same thing Obama has been doing since he entered politics…stirring up race trouble and siding with people based on skin color. Oh how we wish for the days when people like Dr King told us to judge people by their actions and not their skin color. Any police shooting should be reviewed and if appropriate the officer involved should be charged. But to paint with a broad race brush and claim America is a systemically racist country because of the actions of a few dozen people nation wide is pure political theater designed to sow strife. It's funny how you never hear a peep out of Obama when a black officer is the shooter or the person shot isn't black…that should tell anyone paying attention all they need to know about his statements.

  7. "I agree to this Constitution … and I believe, further, that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other." 
    Benjamin Franklin

  8. Obama is the master communist behind the assault on the country. He laid the foundation for defunding the police with his policies and rhetoric. He stirred up the black community against whites by twisting or hiding facts and seizing any supposed injustice to promote strife. Appearing to be the messiah of the black community he deceives like his father the devil and leads his sheep to destruction.

  9. "Never let a good crisis go to waste". That line sums up the current democrat platform and if the crisis isn't readily available, they then create one. I'm less impressed with the fact that they subvert our Constitutional-Republic like this and how they can openly advocate it, than I am with elected conservative leader's talent(?) to consistently pretend it doesn't happen or AID THEM by keeping up the farce that a compromise is still possible. These pontificating bureaucrats aren't "public servants" anymore, they're lords ensuring they profit off the peasant's labor and convincing the peasantry through emotional arguments, that they need to support special interests over their own interests AND responsibilities. There will be a war in this country soon and it's gonna be painful, not even being a veteran fully prepares one for what lies ahead but we will experience similar to all those families in desert countries we invaded without reason. Never forget that citizens allowed this to happen by being complacent in their responsibility to retain overwatch on government, in their pursuit of instant gratification for their daily lives and we allowed corporations to rule through lobbying, while outsourcing our jobs overseas. Hopefully after it is over Americans come together in their shared responsibility again and realize globalization requires too much oversight by a people already stretched thin just trying to keep their own government working for them.

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