October 17, 2021


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Mark Levin: The Media Keeps Ignoring Biden's Senility

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36 thoughts on “Mark Levin: The Media Keeps Ignoring Biden's Senility

  1. She will NOT be a GOOD PRESIDENT…TRUMP would never lose to Harris which is why Biden was a front. BIDEN IS BEING USED. ITS DISGRACEFUL. NOW WELL BE STUCK WITH THIS WOMAN Harris who is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE.

  2. You have to do an autopsy to determine Alzheimer’s disease. Until you can cut his brain out and look at it, he has dementia. I don’t feel sorry for these dishonest people. Jill wants to be Mrs whitehouse!

  3. HOW TRUE!! Everyone should post this on their FB/Instagram accounts
    I WOULD, but w/in the past week I posted my decision to NO longer be associated with a social network who CENSORS not only our PRESIDENT, but friends as well!! Keep the Faith and continue to pray for President Trump AND our country!! Thank God for people like Mark Levin and others who are getting the message out there since we can’t trust the mainstream media, and haven’t been able to for years!!

  4. Apparently, they keep ignoring his Gaffs and Ignorance because they need to keep their family Out of Jail and keep their 'Political Influence – Foreign Businesses' running at full steam! When Old Joe is gone, they will be loosing their Golden Goose!

  5. The Socialist Communist controlled MSM will ignore it until after Joe is sworn in and then they'll push for Comrade Kamala to take over his office……….. . …………

  6. Jill appears to give a foot/ leg bump and displays mouth changes when Joe says: 'George ' instead of Trump. You can also see Jill's body shift at that time. It's incredibly sad for him and the country.

  7. If He wins, He loses because they will dispose of him, destroy him in one way or another. Harris is a Happy person right now but not for long. God is in control…God is trying to wake everyone up but if you don't want to see the truth, You probably won't see it.

  8. Who says he did not mean it. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. He just confessed to voter fraud!
    He can't keep up with the lies. He will tell the truth. It slips out because he can't hold water.

  9. It's about time that people started speaking out about his health issues the mainstream media has ignored it this is a plan they've been working on for awhile we'll get you elected so you're name will be in this country's history and then you will step down because of health issues and then you're running mate whose only qualifications is that she's a woman of color and be the puppet with the Obamas and Clinton's pulling the strings that's a helluva of a deal that this country may end up getting rammed down their throats

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