October 17, 2021


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Mark Levin: This Is Our Stand Against Tyranny

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34 thoughts on “Mark Levin: This Is Our Stand Against Tyranny

  1. We have lost….
    The two party system and big government has destroyed the american dream my parents and I were sold.

    Our own government has sold us all out on so many occasions for personal profits,lobby favors and self preservation

  2. If the electoral is done away with this country will be in chaos that means us country folk don't matter anymore we truly are headed for dark days I hate saying this and it scares me to death their will be war GOD HELP US ALL

  3. Christianity and American tradition since 1619 the pilgrims lived in peace with the Indians for over 50 years till the English empire claimed the new world for its self that's when slaves and indentured servants came to be

  4. The culture of individualism is antithetical to the principles of society. The individual will take credit for the work of others. The individual believes their rights supercede the rights of others. Taken to the extreme, individualism leads to anarchy. It leads to the death of society.

  5. Hey Mark what your describing is exactly what the UK is like today. Between P.C'ness and a police nanny state. I agree we all need to have police as a necessity against lawlessness and tyranny but a dictatorship like the UK esp.. Scotland which is full of commie sympathisers, pro-iranians, anti- Jewish and Anarchists too. That's just part of the swamps affiliates up here in " SWEATY SOCK LAND " YOU know what they say if you can't make fun of yourself then don't do it to others, who've said or done nothing wrong to you folks Y'all have a good day or night wherever you may be just now and be ? too. STAY FREE, SAFE AND HEALTHY Y'ALL…. L.L+Levin All the best folks.

  6. I fear what is coming if Biden ends up the President, I know he will not be our President for 6 months. I know Nancy P. wanted to make it easy to apply the 25 amendment to get him out and bring her in. God help this country if that happens. No one in there right mind would vote for Harris. I believe they are trying hard to cheat. Never had we had an office of the President elect especially when he isn't yet.

  7. Due away with the 17th amendment and the 25th amendment. This eliminating the 17th amendment would get rid of this d.c. SWAMP is why we are losing our constitution and rights in yhis country. It is time to capture these tolatarium dems and take them to GITMO for EXECUTION FOR TREASON!!!

  8. The future American government you will see after this corrupt election
    will have almost no Democrats elected. Americans are fed up with their
    outright dangerous and stupid ideas. Biden has been in office for 40+
    years and Americans know he has done no good for anyone. Biden's
    background has cost America a massive loss of jobs, money, and the
    breakup of the American family. The U.S. Constitution is the law, it is
    not to be treated like toilet paper by the Democrats.

  9. Who are the assholes that thumbed down this concise discussion about our Constitution and the threat of tyranny that is in our midst?? I assume biden/harris supporters. Shocking.

  10. Well the Democrat crooks have spoken, we are no longer a republic. It ended faster than I thought it would, but the theft is probably successful.
    By all means Trump won over 300 electoral votes, but the Democrat crooks stole every one of them that mattered. In no case in American history has a candidate been up by 7% to double digits in four different states and lost them all . I would like to say these crooks are all going to jail, but they own the courts. I just hope enough of Trump's appointees on the court will side with the Constitution and not with the mob. If there's ever a case for a redo it's this one. The fraud is unbelievable.

  11. Mark, with all due respect, you may want to think about cutting off your relationship with Fox.

    There's a reason why Glenn Beck left Fox and created Blaze TV. There's a reason why you signed on with Blaze.

    I pay for Blaze TV to specifically watch your content.
    Leading up to and during the 2016 election you were covering it vigorously.
    Now you hardly post anything.

    Fox was all on the Trump ship until they saw the winds change. Now they are rats jumping off what they think is a sinking ship and swimming to the biden boat.

    Those of us that are paid members of Blaze want to see your reporting there. Don't waste your time garnering views for Fox. They are now part of the Biden boat.


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