October 17, 2021


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Mark Levin: This Is What Failed Leadership Looks Like

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26 thoughts on “Mark Levin: This Is What Failed Leadership Looks Like

  1. Can anyone tell me how these demonic democrats I.e. Nancy Pelosi and her minions make up FAKE bull on Pres Trump and call for impeachment twice no less and Biden and the rest of their administration is guilty of so many real TREASONOUS Stuff? I really would like to know that one. If we don’t do something soon America will be lost . We can’t wait for 2024. Please MISTER PRESIDENT COME BACK BEFORE WE ALL PERISH!

  2. Face it biden is running nothing who in their right mind would put a man with dementia symptoms as the president of the US? The deep state and corporations are twisting the country to Marxism.

  3. Way to go, Mark. If the jackasses really think the January 6 peaceful protest was such a riot (a TRUE peaceful protest, unlike the riots of the jackasses of Need a BM and Antifa the previous summer) they’ll be really fucking surprised when we finally take our country back… ??

  4. I love Israel, but I’m getting tired of American Jews who vote against their right to exist. We literally have pro-Hamas representatives in Congress.
    Sadly, my beloved America is in inevitable decline. I’ve been conservative for all my 50 years, and have just read a lot about JFK. I can’t believe that JFK was the face of the Democrats … given what I see of Democrats now. He was anti-Communist, pro-freedom, pro-religious choice, pro-tax cuts, and yes … a crook like most politicians in bed with unions, but jeepers, I would take JFK over these Leftist boobs anyway.

  5. Thank you. very well stated. i wish the (liberal lefit) media would report on contrary opinions so that everyone realizes what is at stake. the US media leads the masses into darkness with no future.

  6. Barack Obama was nominated for, and received the Nobel Peace Prize before he was even inaugurated as POTUS, and yet during his 8 years in the White House, the US wielded more armaments worldwide than any other president since World War II. During Donald Trump's 4 years in office, peace was breaking out all over the Middle East and he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize from several Middle Eastern countries. Of course, the influence of the left worldwide would never consider actually awarding Trump the NPP because such a thing would be following and rewarding common sense for a job well done and that is not what they want.

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