October 23, 2021


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Mark Levin: We CANNOT Abolish the Electoral College

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41 thoughts on “Mark Levin: We CANNOT Abolish the Electoral College

  1. Levin is in favor of giving the vote of a farmer in Kansas, Iowa, or Idaho more weight in the election of our president than the vote of somebody living in a city. He explicitly says that that is a way how Republicans can stay in power.

  2. Lost the verification in ga. Only found 2 votes, human error. How about reporting at Nevada used Briggs to go through all of the voter fraud allegations and determined that all of them were false

  3. A synopsis of times and events:
    1) UC Berkeley, 1960's
    2) Free Speech-
    3) Mario Savio: Activist-The Free Speech Movement.
    4) Huey Newton: Co-Founder/Activist:
    The Black Panthers.
    5) Hippies' lifestyle, liberal mindset.
    6) Demonstrations by radicals against the Vietnam War. American military returning from Vietnam, bastardized as baby murderers. American military was not regarded then as now. Military returnees were spat upon, stigmatized, murderers fighting a war in Vietnam.
    7) Teens and young adults, raised in liberal families, during the 60's & 70's, [Vietnam era] by parents not realizing critical differences of liberal parenting from 'radical' liberal politics.
    8) Liberal parents raise their children in liberal families. Their children entering schools and universities are taught anti-American propaganda…. American people and culture are bad.
    9) Democrats then and now are different. Democrat liberals, have morphed to 'not so liberal' radicals, promulgating socialism/communism ideology.
    10) Saul Alinsky- (Socialist). The New Left. Book: Rules For Radicals-1971.
    *Alinsky quotes: "Never let a crisis go to waste." "Keep the pressure on. Never let up."
    "Poor people are easier to control." Seem familiar?
    "We the People", must research and compare examples. Learn the dark side of socialism/communism.

  4. It could happen if Georgia votes for both those candidates in for the Democrats. That's all they got do, and they are making California residents purposely move to Georgia for a month and take part in the special election. If Biden gets in, he'll never get out. Nobody is going to listen to the warnings. You had 10 opportunities to vote for TRump and you people FAILED.

  5. If y'all bout representation, Why dont we have Proportional representative democracy then? That way if 20 percent of this country votes one libertarian then 20 percent of the house is filled up with libertarians? Oh ya Blaze is just like any other news network wanting to keep the status quo of our two party oligarchical system. That way corporations have more of a say then people.

  6. As long as the socialist can get a few key legal positions and then hide the vote … nothing else matters … it is all talk … pointless … simply riding the slippery slope … who is arrested? … Arrest and convict … nothing else matters …

  7. Gotta be honest, there is such weakness among the citizens of our country. They constantly drink the Kool-Aid the left make, they believe that free things have no consequences, they believe in a utopian society, and they can't (or refuse) to see the beast. Saul of Tarsus (later to become Paul The Apostle) was blinded on the road to Damascus for persecuting Jesus and his Christian followers. Those that are destroying our nation now are just as bad as Saul was before he was blinded. They will do anything and everything to stop the "Great Reset," and trying to destroy the electoral college is one of these pieces.

  8. There are about 3200 counties in the US. Each county has an elected sheriff. The people of a county should cast votes in their county, ID in hand and the elected sheriff casts one vote based on the majority in his county. I think that would be a much better and safer way to do it.

  9. Everytime I hear this dumb argument to abolish the electoral college all I can help but think is these people are anti-American communists. It would be such a relief to be rid of these people.
    Isn't it insteresting that these radical leftists virtual signal about being for minorities, but aren't for minority populated states whom the Electoral college was designed to protect, thus achieving cohesion in this constitutional republic(not a straightforward democracy which is mob rule.) Ironically, ethnic minorities also live in these states, even though these leftists pretend they don't, that have more electoral college votes. We've just seen in this past election that they also vote against leftism. So these clowns talking about abolishing the Electoral College would also be erasing their votes.
    Even bringing it up now means that they(the media) know they cannot declare anyone "president elect". The certified Electors do through the legislature. You know, as the Constitution specifies. This means they are concerned about it because the know they cheated and there are streams of evidence indicating so. Those Electors and the legislature have a constitutional duty, not the courts as they keep propagandizing to people, to investigate these claims and innacuracies. They will not be able to ignore this evidence that the hacktivists in our media don't acknowledge. You can only dox and call folks racist for so long because they're doing their duty.
    I really hope these legislators and certifiers do their jobs. If these Republicans don't step up here, then they are eternally done as relevant.

  10. Roll back our voting process, Get rid of all electronic voting machines and re vote this election fairly To many people are able to hack our voting system. The Left won't go for this as they need to cheat to win. God bless our country.

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