April 22, 2021


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Maskless protesters test essential business face covering bylaws in Toronto

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49 thoughts on “Maskless protesters test essential business face covering bylaws in Toronto







    A line needs to be drawn in the sand

    no cowering or excuses

    stand up now Brothers and Sisters

  2. — Mask wearing is nothing more than submissive compliance based on irrational fear and ignorance, Not science or logic! Outside of a medical setting, utterly useless in mitigating viral pathogen spread. Masks only potential benefit is in minimizing the amount of large particulates of saliva from a direct forceful blast from a sneeze/cough. However, (and this should need no explanation) Wearing a mask has no more effectiveness from stopping these large saliva particles then simply covering your mouth with your hand, handkerchief, in arm, coat, shirt etc. )

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_bM1y1IpJY This video experiment that literally altered all of world health policy, is nothing more than the most blatantly obvious, junk science and slight of the hand trickery, ever conducted on the entire human global population! – WOW! – what revolutionary ground breaking science, exactly what our Moms taught us and we've all understood since childhood… "Cover Your Mouth When You Cough"

    — The complete absurdity of so called experts now calling to wear multiple layers of masks. One thing is certain, increase the layers, increase the moisture build up and discomfort level, and with all mathematical certainty the constant touching and fidgeting with the mask will increase by magnitudes. This creates the perfect conditions for viral Fomite transmission from leeched saliva moisture through the mask fabric. Mass population viral spread and contamination is inevitable and guaranteed with improper infectious disease mask protocol and sheer ignorance !

    — Cloth and fabric masks are beneficial in an acute medical surgeon setting for minimizing bacterium size pathogenic contamination, but have literally zero effect in stopping infinitesimally tiny nanometer viruses, suspended in micro moisture particulates or aerosols. Essentially viruses piggybacking within your breath vapor, passing between the fabric weave, with almost zero obstruct filtration whatsoever, which carries no significant viral load to begin with. (in the world of nano micro molecular size comparison, literally equivalent to using a hockey net as a window screen to keep out mosquitoes.)

    — Empirical facts on masks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mgMmDfJn00

    — Fauci on Mask wearing based on 65 years of empirical data: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLNBw7XCM4Q

  3. Remember folks. Private property overrides the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but Edna's Bakery can also call taxpayer-funded Police to come and charge you with unrelated charges.
    Remember this the next time you hear a 'small business' crying about not being able to open up, when they were the FIRST TO GET YOU TO PUT ON MASKS LONG BEFORE ANY HEALTH OR GOVERNMENT MANDATES WERE IN PLACE AND DENYING YOU ACCESS TO FOOD AND MEDICINE.

  4. They just started with this mask business in West Australia…I was approached by a staff member to stand further apart from another person…we both wore masks….I asked why?

    They refuse service if not wearing one…wish all people would not comply…I did not earlier on….got 'The evil looks' from others 😏and was told to leave the shop…

  5. When are the police going to start objecting to being made to look like fools? They should stop acting like thugs trying to enforce the excessive and unnecessary bylaws.

  6. I haven't worn a mask since it all began, in the UK, I just say I am exempt and they leave me alone. Good to see this, hope more wake up soon, you have my FULL SUPPORT!! The same law is in the UK, on the official >gov.UK website and STILL the masses wear these useless things.

  7. People need to help out farmers also. See which farms are selling their products directly to the public. Go to farmers markets, use mom & pops stores also. You may spend a little more, but it's better off for them to make money then the big box stores. And for those small business's that are closed, email them & tell them you are willing to stand behind them if they open shop. We where told 6 mths ago wear masks and until we flatten the curve. Guess what, obviously masks don't work. Or flattening the curve. B/C if they did work, we wouldn't be in lock down again. And if they didn't work why are we still doing it. Funny how the rich keep getting richer over this plandemic! My thoughts only peace out.

  8. Great job Menzoid bringing the truth and waking up Canadians to all this covid nonsense, complete hoax from the beginning, they're openly partying in Wuhan no masks or social distancing, have been since the beginning of this hoax!

  9. There are at least 3 corporations refusing entry to mask exempt people: Costco, Fortinos, and The Vitamin Store.

    Someone put together a date and location. Thousands show up and go in

    Make sure rebel news is there.

  10. Only thing these anti maskers have on their side is Canada’s top dr in charge of the whole covid 19 response Dr Tam still advises Canadians to wear NON MEDICAL masks .
    In other words just cover your face with whatever fashion statement you want to wear as long as it’s covered you are good to go ,boy the Muslins must be having a good laugh .
    The Canadian government doesn’t take this pandemic seriously no surprise that some of the citizens consider it one big lark .
    It’s been a year now and the science is pretty clear the only mask that will give you almost 100% safety is a N95 masks 😷
    All the masks I see people wearing including the police just look like some piece of cloth and definitely not N95 .
    Although I don’t agree with Chris Sky I can understand people’s anger at being forced to wear something that will not protect them and denied access to what will .
    Looking at Amazon.ca you can not even buy N95 masks and the next best thing surgical masks are being sold at ridiculously expensive prices
    A box of 50 Surgical masks are selling for $35 cdn
    In Asia where I currently live I bought the same product 50 surgical masks for $2.50 cdn and can easily purchase anywhere N95 masks for $2 each
    So the Canadian government is letting their citizens get ripped off and denying them access to a product that could save their life .
    Meanwhile forcing them to wear whatever as long as it covers their face
    If I were in Canada no way would I be out in public around others without a N95 masks 😷

  11. Chris Sky is awesome to stand up to the blues! No long ago he was saying "Back the Blues " when the blues are obviously not doing their jobs at all. They're just showing people that they're goons. I guess Chris Sky has started to realize that and it's really great if he finally has!

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