June 13, 2021


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Matt Hancock REJECTS Sky News' Identity Politics

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47 thoughts on “Matt Hancock REJECTS Sky News' Identity Politics

  1. Mark Twain said: “IT IS EASIER TO FOOL PEOPLE, THAN TO CONVINCE THEM THAT THEY HAVE BEEN FOOLED” ? and the Prime Minister himself BORIS JOHNSON is the whole of Europe in terms of racial identity ?

  2. She goes on about how many blacks are in the current cabinet, Matt should have asked her how many blacks have ever been EU commissionaires? Blacks have far more representives in the UK than they ever will in the EU

  3. Morgan slagged off Tory Minister for not appearing on GMTV to be screamed at by himself and his female sidecick, I don't know her name. then blocks Mahyar because he invites him on his show. What a knobhead.

  4. Well if people are not capable of doing a job….then they should not be given the job….. just because there is not enough of them, does not mean they should be hired because of their colour !!!!!! Black Live Matter….huh…..what about all lives matter !!!!!!

  5. Im sorry I dont go along with overreacting. Its because people have not "overreacted" and been tolerant we are in this mess now. Fanatics lead moderates follow. If you want to fight fanaticism you have to be fanatical yourself

  6. You should definitely put yourself for election. Your common sense attitude and patriotism for this country is what we need much more of in the mainstream. Until then keep up with the good videos.

  7. Good luck to you Mahyar!
    So much gnashing of teeth, emotionalism and insanity..
    I find you a valuable touchstone of clear headed sense and rationality..
    Good to hear you attract a greater audience than many 'mainstream' media news and gossip outlets nowadays. They deserve their diminishing ratings in direct proportion to their diminished rantings.

  8. What i absolutely hate the most about the media is the "So what your saying is" and as predicated they try and twist what the person is saying. Defund The BBC i'm sick of it.

  9. It just goes to show that there was a reason why we have great oceans between the continents. It is because if everyone stayed living in their own country with their own cultures we wouldn’t have this problem. If you don’t like it here, go back to your roots.

  10. okay GREAT…

    But you have an 80 seat majority. do something with it!

    I blame Boris. He's trying to appease people who will never support him. This nation is not united, he just needs to accept that.

  11. I don’t think we have ever been this close to loosing our country and way off live, everything from gender to freedom of speech and including our history and beliefs, the left with their media preaching nonsense views, and the sympathetic useless police are destroying our way of life, I’m really worried for our beautiful country.

  12. Two Mayors. Boris on his bike and engaging with the people of his city – approachable and likeable. Sadiq Khan, aloof, detached from Londoners and riding about in an armoured Land Rover with a detachment of armed police. Working against Londoners and their livelihoods. Rides a bike once for a publicity stunt.

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