April 20, 2021


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Max Alvarez: ON THE GROUND From Alabama Union Organizing. Could This Set Off A Flood?

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46 thoughts on “Max Alvarez: ON THE GROUND From Alabama Union Organizing. Could This Set Off A Flood?

  1. The comparison is blatant between real people calling us to talk about the vote vs. the robo calls informing us of how bad this vote is coming from the anti union elites. Good luck labor! I’ll be voting

  2. Bessemer, AL. named after the Englishman who invented modern steel making in the 1800's. As Max says, Birmingham, with it's statue of Vulcan, used to be a huge steel working town with unions.

  3. Unions have been abandoned by both parties, but still represent a huge potential voting block. The question is which party will be desperate enough first to actually pander to them again.

  4. Never do something JUST because of tradition. A top down analysis is paramount. I don't particularly care for unions, but I agree that the existence of private company unionization is applicable at times. Particularly here, it could be warranted. Having said that, considering Amazon's clear initiatives to squash competition in other industries in which it is involved, I see legitimate reasons for unionization at Bessemer.

  5. It's madness that these companies are willing to hire all sorts of goons and ghouls, change traffic lights, and spend obscene amounts of money to stop unions instead of just… paying people more. I'm pretty sure there comes a point in which it's more cost effective to just raise wages instead of all this bull

  6. I wonder if Bezos would be willing to close that fulfilment center to send a message to all of the workers at the other fulfilment centers. That would be his only gambet.

  7. This could be monumental. Yet crickets from mainstream media trying to protect the corporation. If successful. It could be the biggest takedown of a behemoth company in history. Especially if they are able to unionize nationwide.
    Imagine the power that union could weild.

  8. Have been a TRNN sustaining donor for a number of years now. Always impressed by their coverage of the under-reported (deliberately ignored) stories which have such an important impact on this nation. Seeing their work always affirms their mission, their courage, and their crucial role in advancing the rights of working-class Americans.

  9. The most important thing I've heard (either here or one of my other go-tos) is that if that warehouse unionizes, they'll just close the warehouse and open one "down the street" — in the next town or the next county. While it's illegal, the government will look the other way. I once worked for IBM and they made it a point to pay "union" scale and to offer all that was supposed to be offered (like toilets that weren't 1/2 mile away, breaks, money, etc) in ORDER to keep the employees happy and the unions out. That was in the early 80s and it's heartbreaking (figuratively, not literally) that the big companies now treat their employees so shabbily.

  10. prior to 2010 maybe even earlier there was some good reporting about how just to bring the US to a B- grade for infrastructure was like 4 trillion. That's not even talking about modernizing such as high speed rail and other things countries like China are doing. The US is crumbling.

  11. Amazon seems to be a nasty, greedy organisation. They deserve to face organisations that are usually just as nasty and whose leaders are just as grasping. The leading union in the UK (where I am), whose leaders receive CEO level salaries and benefits, are being asked some pretty uncomfortable questions about contracts being given to friends without tenders and unaccounted funds. The good guys get the union in and then the bad guys among them see an earning opportunity and the workers just become a bargaining tool for their own enrichment. Look at Detroit, a city destroyed by unions. The union leaders weren't destroyed, just the workers.

  12. Bessemer, Alabama produced the blast furnaces that made their way to my hometown of Pueblo, Colorado and which gave both a local neighborhood it's name, and which fueled the steel mill that gave thousands of families homes, food, and good lives for a century.

  13. Unions are dead, their leadership eat at the same restaurants, play the same back nine, and have children who attend the same private elite schools as their “corporate enemies”. Gee, I wonder why they never get anything done for the hard working people who support them.

  14. The Real News? Anyone finally tell me what happened over there?
    I stopped watching their stuff once Paul Jay, Aaron mate, and Sharmini Peries left I was gone.

    So what happened?

  15. I'm a truck driver and my company had me driving for Wal-Mart. I was on one of the docks one day casually talking about how Wal-Mart should unionize. A manager overheard me. Guess who no longer delivers to Wal-Mart?

  16. Union Busting Is illegal. What Democrat has asked the Justine Department to look into Bezos's illegal tactics? None! Paid not to!
    All the lip service of support when the cameras are there.

  17. It's such bullshit that amazon won't just take care of employees in a cream of the crop way! Wtf! It doesn't make sense except for greed? How much money does this a$$hoke need? Come on!

  18. Imagine if America were like India where 250mllion individuals came together to fight their Neoliberal Modi govt! If we accept Amazon like-corporate power to overtake society everyone loses including Mother Nature. Remember, whatever threats they use means the workers are more of threat to them!

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