June 17, 2021


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Max Blumenthal Exposes Secret UK-funded Program Aimed at Undermining Russia

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20 thoughts on “Max Blumenthal Exposes Secret UK-funded Program Aimed at Undermining Russia

  1. media is in league with big pharma, big oil, and the military industrial complex… the media is nothing more than a propaganda and public relations network for the criminals whom are ruining our world…

  2. Massive yawn. England is on it's way down and out. These folks never focus on the horrendous crimes being done by the state in Russia, India, China .. Instead dedicate 90% of their speculative analysis on two nations. White anglo-saxon ex-empires. Uk and Usa.

  3. Thank you all at Grayzone and acTVism Munich you are like a breathe of fresh air in this "militarized-radicalized-politicalized-corporate-garbige bin" they call massmedia.✌?

  4. The UK turns out to be the NATO CIA WEF Atlantic Council COMMONWEALTH monarchy fraternity of luciferian Masons and illuminati who are currently WAGING AN GENOCIDAL ECONOMIC AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WAR ON HUMANITY. ARREST THESE POLITICIANS AND THEIR CO-OPTED PUPPETS NOW.

  5. Trudeau does the same thing in Canada with the CBC tax funded propaganda they read whatever Trudeaus mom writes for the dumbass.

  6. Max, Taylor, all of Ben's, Aaron's, Anya's & your team's works are doing the great work (Assange can't do just now)! This, literally, changes everything. These corrupted power cons cannot hide their programs anymore. Thank you-all for carrying the burden of the news we need every day. May you be safe and well-funded from this day on! Keep telling us these truths. You are world change agents for empowering those who want peace. Collaborate! Bring Julian home to his families who love him. We know your worth, folks! Huge gratitude.

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