May 11, 2021


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McDonald's refuses service to 78-year-old with oxygen tank because she can't wear a mask

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46 thoughts on “McDonald's refuses service to 78-year-old with oxygen tank because she can't wear a mask

  1. what if the person doesnt have access to a car for the drive in or a cell phone with internet access to order online? This is a clear case of discrimination and I hope a human rights complaint is put on these smug assholes

  2. They have the option of drive-thru? And the option of dine-in by the looks of it?
    First of all, store management aren't being very helpful. Secondly, people that dine-in, how are they able to eat and drink while wearing a face mask?
    It's a genuine question, I've not seen anyone slip a burger under a mask and chomp away. The straw from your drink wouldn't pose much of a problem, not that I've seen anyone do it. I'd love to know if people are taking masks off altogether when seated or not? If so, then stop being such jerks about serving this woman.

  3. 😂 They probably would have screwed up his order anyway, shouldve gone to Dairy Queen, in my town they treat everyone who comes in with respect and kindness and are feankly a breath of fresh air amongst all this crap! Thank you Dairy Queen!!

  4. I haven't put on a muzzle yet and i go to different stores all the time. No employee has even asked me in the past week and ive been going to places i haven't been since before all this bs. Haven't been to macdonalds yet though..

  5. Lol there’s gonna be tons of human rights lawsuits after COVID-19 (mandating masks on people with medical conditions, requiring everyone to not use cash)

  6. He should lose his franchise rights or pay a penalty . They are very consumer oriented and respond quickly . Get a lawyer or contact head office in Canada .

  7. We can't say the owner is following the "rules" because they aren't. So, this must be a liberal nut-job who's thinking that she has to save the grannies of the world from this evil non-mask wearing grannie.

  8. She should try reaching out to corporate. I work at the home depot and we were told that if someone comes in the store without a mask we can remind them politely, but not kick them out or deny access to the store. This getting worse every month there are people who can't where masks but are being discriminated against #nomoremasksffs

  9. Bunch of overzealous control freaks. CBC readers would be proud of this. As they would tell you first hand, this old lady was endangering lives so "just wear the mask." 🙄

  10. Remember Bake the Cake ? How is it that a Christian Baker is sued and put out of business for declining to endorse a lifestyle he opposes on religious convictions but these can deny service in spite of a medical justification ?

  11. Legal advice for everyone. Nobody has to wear a mask. Nobody. Anywhere. Phipa and pipeda protect all. Walk into Costco or McDonald's. When confronted state health exemption. They can't even ask you what your issue is. That's a violation. Not everybody has a doctor. If you can't wear a mask for any reason that's an instant exemption. Can't discriminate against people who don't have a doctor. This is all a test to see how powerful scientists really are. They need funding or they don't have jobs. Fear equals funding. Cheers

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