21 thoughts on “MCO vs CRO (Crypto.com Token Most Likely to Get You Rich)”
  1. I invested 20'000 USD on CRO as it was 0.023C the MCO was aronde 4.40 USD and Today it is around 4.06 = – 0 proformence. And CRO today 0.1148, 400% proformence and it is still going up to around 3 to 5 Dollers so would i invest in MCO or CRO ??? 🙂

  2. I know you didn't mention it in the video but part of the reason why people thought Monaco was a scam was because the same ceo now is the same guy from that huge Ensogo scam a while back.

    Even as a MCO Jade card holder myself, I say that CRO will be the more dominant coin. The obvious one being that the attention is more focused on CRO as well as the official name is associated with the app and the exchange. Staking CRO coins give you unheard of AP rates but locking it on the exchange (Not Earn) as well synergizes well with the Syndicate promotions they have every 2 weeks allowing users to not only profit from these promotions but bring in publicity. The company has made a very smart strategic move requiring the users to lock up both MCO and CRO for higher returns which also allows the company to limit major price jumps and lower the damage from pressure sells.

    Most people who invest in MCO are for the card perks, myself included and while I admit that they were a bit slow with some of the stuff on the earlier roadmap, they have also implemented some features that was not included in the original roadmap and people tend to forget that. In a recent AMA, people have begun to show doubt that MCO was getting sidelined but while the focus seems to be on CRO right now but the ceo has stated that MCO will be getting future upgrades as well so just give it some time. In the end, theres no reason to pick only one coin since they specifically designed both MCO and CRO to work well and benefit from each other.

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