April 20, 2021


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Meet the Teacher Who Risked Her Job to Stand Against the Radical Left | The Glenn Beck Program

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49 thoughts on “Meet the Teacher Who Risked Her Job to Stand Against the Radical Left | The Glenn Beck Program

  1. Glen I have a problem with the guy on Morning Invest he is a crook, you cannot leave a comment , if you want to comment you have to be a member which is some $49/month and he poses as a sort of no one con but5 really is a progressive and a very deceptive person I am disgusted with people like him….

  2. Hollywood has two movies coming out, one with George Clooney and the other with Tom Hanks, both movies acting out an old man, a stranger looking after a little girl. Normalising strange old men are okay with little girls. Hollywood! people can discern what you're truly up to.

  3. We need to teach our children how to combat liberal talk and virtue signaling. Our children are being educated to vote Democrat, because at the local level the grassroots movement of Republicans are weak. We need republican principles and republican school board members. I promise you the dems are organized.

  4. Rewriting the constitution, rewriting the Bible, they simply can’t be people of religion. They now think they have the right to teach our children their morals. They also have altered history and how it’s taught.

  5. The problem with a school run by the government is they decide what is taught. They are not about teaching how to live in society and to manage your own life (like managing finances) they are about what is fashionable to the minority leftist. It’s about appeasing the far left and not hurting anyone’s feelings

  6. Glem we the people Love you please put out the word face book banned all who shared trump won we have no voice another 30 days of silencing us our voices are muted we have no one to turn to We cant get in touch with Ted Cruz fb is mocking him wow this is aweful we are silenced this is against our rights as you know we hope you tell all like Levin and all who will listen they fb does not want any positive out there for Trump please stand by we the people we support you God Bless stay safe hundreds of thousands of us gone from fb our voice gone

  7. I'm glad this teacher got backup and didn't lose her job, but that really doesn't speak to the reality that we face right now in The War Against Evil, aka against the Left.

    I live in an area reputed to be just as "religious and Conservative" as the teacher, yet ALL of them here have no qualms about selling virtuous people down the river, and money is no object to them: THEY DO IT BECAUSE THEIR SOULS ARE SOLD TO WOKENESS AND THE LEFT.

    Given who these people are; given what they SHOULD be doing; given how serious God regards commitments THAT ARE INTRINSIC TO BEING A CHRISTIAN; those I am referring to will be among those WORST PUNISHED when we reach Judgment and the Scripture is fulfilled saying Jesus will send them to outer darkness because while some were full of "Lord, Lord" others were tied hand and foot and cast out into outer darkness because they were found "wearing the wedding" attire but not belonging at The Marriage Supper!

    OF ALL DEMOGRAPHICS ON EARTH, the one I live with SHOULD BE ON MY SIDE; yet wonder of wonders, they are THE LAST to have integrity!

    THE FOOLS HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS, there is no two ways about it!
    There's not an honest person in their right mind that would disagree, given the category here!
    Glenn has no problems sacrificing integrity to soothe his conscience in that he "won't judge others" but the rest of us need to be clear-eyed about what this is right now!

    We are at War Against Evil and the Left have been joined by those who don't have the moral fortitude or the spine to stand against the Woke Mob to stand on legitimate principle: in other words WE'RE OUTNUMBERED!

    If you can get angels on your side and you've got the backbone to fight for Good, get them on your side and get to the battle!





  8. Wow! This is scary stuff. These are scary times. Amy Cook, I applaud her. I tip my hat to her. I hope more teachers will come forward. This is one of the main reasons why some people home school their kids. People don't want their kids to be indoctrinated in this way. They just don't. This is truly Satanic. And it needs to STOP!

  9. God bless that teacher, she's inspiring. She's right, we should not stay silent and stand idle and let these few scarce idiotic horse manure left woke alphabet snowflakes force feed this nonsense to our children.

  10. I’m asking everyone that watches Glenn Beck or listens to him to please check out Catherine Austin Fitts Full interview planet lock down on YouTube. The reason I’m asking everyone to watch her full interview is because she backs up everything that Glenn Beck has been telling us. But she breaks it down and actually shows us what he’s been telling us. She shows why the second amendment is so important and shows us why all the riots happened in certain cities that contained the leading banks of America. She shows why this virus is so important To help shut down small businesses. But you must watch the full interview to make everything clear. I pray Glenn Beck gets in touch with her and have him his program. I also worry that because she shows everything so clearly that she is a threat to the left That they will try to shut her down. Again on YouTube Catherine Austin Fitto Full interview planet lockdown

  11. Today is the 30th of December 2020. There are 20 days 19 hours 57 minutes and 26 seconds remaining until Donald Trump is escorted out of the White House by the Secret Service.

  12. If we only had more teachers like her. Why is it that 90% of teachers are liberals? I don’t know the exact % but I do know the majority is left. There are some great teachers that go way above and beyond for their students and I feel like those teachers I’ve had the pleasure of having our meeting right wing for the most part. I live in Canada

  13. Felt led to pray for the conservative God-fearing teachers out there they must feel all alone in this sick world! Just wanted you to know you're not alone you have a whole Army of people praying for you we know our kids education are in your hands.
    Teachers are the most important front-line workers out there fighting the biggest threat to this country right now and it's not covid-19 🔥😥

  14. Glen beck sold out when his television tower got bombed. . Scared him into bowing down. Now hes still leaves his man jewels on the fireplace in a Mason jar. .

  15. She is a great lady. More people need to stand up. I keep very vocal about my opinions on today's topics. I have been verbally abused for standing my ground. The more people try to shut me up, the more vocal I become. I will never allow anyone to take away my freedom of speech. I hope Canada and the USA wake up before it is too late.

  16. It takes real courage to stand up to these degenerates so good on her. I'm not a believer but I object to any indoctrination of children into what I think of as perversion. To my mind the Judeo-Christian belief system is the corner stone of our civilisation and it has created wealth and freedom for millions of people. For it to be undermined by the evils of communism is something we must all fight.

  17. Retired teacher here. There are many more like this teacher who know the importance of their influence and that the Lord will hold them accountable. Parents, get to know your child's teachers. Support the ones you can. They need you. We all need each other. Speak up if/when you see propaganda being promoted via the curriculum.

  18. TRUMP vetoed the LIBERAL 230 BILL ! Mitch, perdue and kelly are going to OVERRIDE TRUMPS VETO like they just denied us our own 2000$ !! BOYCOTT GEORGIA 🇺🇸 BOYCOTT GEORGIA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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