June 17, 2021


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“Mental health” visit from mom to babysit triggered two COVID fines

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31 thoughts on ““Mental health” visit from mom to babysit triggered two COVID fines

  1. The cop who issued these tickets should have done an investigation, learned the reasonable actions the mom took to help her family, then walked up stairs and slapped the snitch.

  2. Ticket? prove the crime! Same with shutting down a church with no evidence of any one being harmed. Don't they need to show harm? The courts have let us down.

  3. Can someone please explain why the fines were issued under the Reopening Ontario Act 2020?
    Also the regulation 82/20 and section 7.0.2, as written on the fine both refer to reopening of a business.
    Lastly on 07 February 2021 essential visits were permitted and movement or visitation is not indicated on the fine.
    Someone is telling lies here, just not sure which one!

  4. Can we have this person's name. If u fell ur right in getting involved in another person's life. Then u should be forced to give ur name .

  5. As a psychiatric nurse I am appalled by the injustice & harassment this single mom has endured. These lockdown protocols don’t make scientific sense. Health regulations have become so Covid focused that all other health issues are forgotten. Cancer screenings & treatments cancelled. Mental health counselling & treatment programs cancelled. Surgeries cancelled. Children’s outdoor sports cancelled. Small business cancelled. This is insane !’ The recovery rate is over 99%. Instead of compassion society has now become the “judgemental informer”. May God please help us become the loving compassionate society we once were !!

  6. All of this nonsense, this is reminiscent of the witch trials and world war 2 with people using a bad situation to abuse others and our government knows it and uses it to con-troll the sheep and turn them against the sane people.

  7. People need to remember too that the damage to the economy in the park down all the emotional problems are being caused by government overreach. The virus did not cause any of this damage it is all caused by the government's reaction

  8. All this craziness makes sense if you understand that government wants to destroy religion and the family so that everyone is dependent on government. That is the ultimate socialist goal

  9. Why can't people just be more tolerant of each other.? You don't have to agree with your neighbours but you do need to respect them. Life is hard enough for the average joe blow why make it harder. Be the change you want to see in others. Kindness is all we want from one another. Have a blessed day.

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