March 3, 2021


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Merkel IGNORED On Brexit

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30 thoughts on “Merkel IGNORED On Brexit

  1. Liz Truss doesn't get enough praise or press, shame really as she's one of the few that are actually brilliant at her job! After all how many times by long standing politicians that this couldn't be done! This last election was first time in my 40 odd years of life I voted Conservative, & I'd seriously consider voting again if Liz is still in the party, very impressive lady, i hope she goes up in the ranks & becomes pm, I'd vote for her! Brilliant!

  2. I’ve Gambled on Trump to become President again next year. For a while i was worried, lets see. I predicted Trump last time, i predicted Boris for PM and Farages Land slide victory. I was a Medium but now i’m an extra large.

  3. We're just leaving a frikin' control club remoaners !! We are still part of Europe don't panic. All will work out for the best. May need to grow a spine during that process. Mahyar dude, you're my new fave youtuber 😉

  4. In the thumbnail you have the captions, Merkel and Who the wrong way round. As for giving up onleadership, Bungle Johnson cancels Christmas on Saturday, after claiming he wouldn't on Thursday. Another u turn from this shambles of a "government"

  5. I also love the idea that you can't 'copy and paste the trade deals'…when 1.) We can…and 2.) Copying and pasting means we're still following the same rules and standards as we did in the EU, just not paying billions for the 'privilege'…I thought these people were hysterically afraid of 'divergence'? Yet when we continue as before, they don't like that either….makes no sense…
    The other thing it proves, is that one of the large draws for EU trade deals was access to the UK market, which now no longer applies after Brexit. SERIOUSLY devaluing the EU single market. THAT is another reason why Brexit has been so violently opposed by the EU and remoaners.

  6. you are not t
    saying that Boris wanted to go and meet up with Merkel and Macron… these two are not some countries you can bully….
    Remember this… none of them can prosper without stealing from Africa… Fact….

  7. If ‘No Deal’ is better than a ´Bad Deal’
    as BoJo says since a very long time, then,
    ´No English Fish imported in Europe ‘
    is better than ´Bad English fish imported in Europe’.

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