June 13, 2021


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Message to the Media – HOW DARE YOU – subtitles

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37 thoughts on “Message to the Media – HOW DARE YOU – subtitles

  1. Much respect Naomi. Thank you for speaking truth and being a champion for FREE speech. Know that there are billions of people around the world who agree with you and support you. God bless from Cape Town, South Africa ??

  2. Naomi Seibt is a member of the "Young Alternative", which is right-wing extremist and anti-constitutional in the opinion of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. She is paid and trained for interviews by lobby group Heartland Institute, which is financed by the tobacco, gas, coal and oil companies. See Wikipedia, where there are xx-sources for it: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naomi_Seibt

  3. "many different sources of information" … very good.
    Ask them Naomi, to name one species extinct from climate change. There would over 540,000 of them by now since that model was published in 2010.
    The fact that they cling to it blasts at high volume they don't care what's true or not.

  4. Very powerful words, I apologise for not using German. Several years ago I did some research into internal instability in the climate model.

    Looking at the celestial orbit of the sun over its 225my cycle with the 100,000 year pattern of Glaciation. It is accepted that the Earth's orbit around the sun changes shape every 100,000 years too.

    I believed there was a correlation between the two but was laughed at.

    It may be worth a glance ✌️

    Enjoyed the content, keep up your bravery

  5. She is literally a victim of Satanic ritual abuse, her older Sister is far worse.
    Both Greta's parents are extremely open satanists.

    And this is the way Leftists act, they are pure evil straight from hell. Sorry you had to find out the truth about them this way…….

  6. Well said my dear. I would really like to see you debate Gretta one on one so I can see you absolutely destroy her narrative publicly. Also, the mainstream media is the problem as well as higher education. Who let all these communists influence our news and our children.I see a very bright future for you Naomi. #HowDareYou

  7. Liebe Naomi, wenn sie Dich das nächste mal fragen "wieviel Geld" Du "von wem" kriegst, dann frage einfach nur zurück: "Wenn SIE mir sagen WIEVIEL Geld VON WEM und SEIT WANN und WIE LANGE noch SIE kriegen, dann sage ich Ihnen das von mir!" Und schon hast Du denen das Maul gestopft. Die fragen dann nicht mehr.

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