March 3, 2021


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Michael Pento – Expect Huge Surge Into Gold In Q3 2021

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24 thoughts on “Michael Pento – Expect Huge Surge Into Gold In Q3 2021

  1. I feel most folks don’t care or don’t know enough about basic economics to care about the severity of the debt & deficits etc. The fed keeps buying bonds, continues to convince the masses (via msm) that everything is okay and getting better. It’s not until consumers actually feel higher prices that they will start wondering about the actual state of affairs. If the “government” sends checks (UBI) to everyone, this will allow the can to get kicked further down the road.
    Meanwhile, the stock market bubble gets bigger & bigger.

  2. Folks … you've got to wait 'til the overall market drops out, the gold & silver stocks will also drop in sympathy (plus the issued margin calls will require the needed sale of securities to cover) WHEN THIS OCCURS THAN GO IN & PICK UP THE PRECIOUS METAL BARGAINS ! … BE PATIENT !

  3. No one in America will have Freedom as long as this Targeted Individuals Mind Control torture program runs in America. Its Real. MK Ultra Ken Rhoades This will be used to totally control all Americans. 5G will be the final nail. The Hammer program is being exposed !!. This was used on Trump. And now they are adding a lot more of you Daily. Track and Trace they have been doing this to Targeted Individuals for years.

  4. The more money is created out of thin air and this and the coming years MMT will bring thousands of trillions new euros and dollars, the less gold and silver will be worth. Gold will go to 200 dollar per ounce under biden and silver will be around 3 dollar per ounce in a few years.

  5. Nice pipe dream. All this talk about whats ethical and right. But we must face the fact that military might rules the world. And a bunch of ruthless killers are in positions of power, and anyone or any law that interferes with their agenda will be destroyed.

  6. Michael Pento is a a smart individual and I will always follow him with regard to Gold, but his knowledge of Bitcoin is more than just lacking, Michael should not really comment on it. You need 5 to 6 years of hours a day study to understand Bitcoin and ITS Blockchain (which is very different to other Cryptocurrencies blockchains) There are a number of Differences between Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies. One is Bitcoins Organic qualities which will eventually come to be seen as quite contrasting from 'last centruary technology' like computers and ordinary machines and their shortfalls of Central CPUs and large imput requirements for these machines to function. Its organic nature allows it to function much like an organism – continually evolving its 'immune system' (attack surface) and growing bigger everyday – Blockchains work a little similar to DNA, but most particularly Bitcoin's – which means it can actually repair itself almost autonamously. People have very little understanding of what Bitcoin actually is, which is actually more important than how it works.

  7. Metals at the end of the day are the way to go for the ultimate Insurance. However for gold to start shooting through the roof would mean that Central planners have opened the gates allowing their currency to collapse. So we must ask the question with the timing be correct? Because what people don't understand is that all of the Worlds Elites are collaborating together on monetary policies and economic policies regardless of that fake East vs West Military paradigm oh, it is all for show and if it is even initiated it is for population adjustments which suits everybody, because you are a liability for the elites monopolistic based system comic that at some point when there's super economica cycle that goes to the downside they are no longer able to maintain human populations and all of the mess that comes with it. Thus it is much easier to eliminate the million people as opposed to feeding a million people or in general just sustaining a million people, that's practically word for word from Brzezinski……. also understand that to bring in communism ways to also bring down the stock market

  8. to have a two parent home you need adequate ways to make living….which we don't….or as he does invest money in many of the equities that helped destroy the world…..simplistic answers…..why not just suggest we return to garden of eden……his profits accept for physicl metals are just as dirty as wallstreets……and as usual puts christ after it so makes it ok….lack of self scrutiny here

  9. Tether responsible for as much as 70% of the buying volume of BTC. HODLRS will really REALLY wanna hope that Tethers ARE backed by the USD's they say it is………..I have my doubts.

  10. Michael has some interesting points and is clearly very knowledgeable on many financial topics. I think he needs to educate himself more on Bitcoin and it's function as a store of value into the future. By the way … the US government is not the only government on this globe & if they were shortsighted enough to "ban" bitcoin, the rest of the world will carry on quite nicely thanks very much. That's the beauty & strength of a completely decentralized network.

  11. The reason the financials look so crazy is because everybody seems to be under the illusion that wealth is just a matter of getting financialization and monetary policy right. This is utterly nuts. I agree with Mr. Pento when he says the answer is a two parent God fearing household – remember especially 1 Timothy 6:10. The reason financialization doesn't work is because companies are smart – they aren't committed to producing value, they are committed to producing money (MUCH easier). Their products don't address what actually needs addressing to make a country strong, namely:
    1. Affordable quality housing
    2. Affordable quality food
    3. Affordable quality clothing
    4. Affordable quality health care
    5. Affordable quality education
    What do we have instead? Cheap TVs, cheap cellphones, and powerful advertising technology which has us all buying a billion other cheap things that NOBODY NEEDS, because this is easy to financialize. Silicon Valley doesn't make technology, it makes EXIT STRATEGIES. And they're damn good at it. God help us.

  12. Joe Biden wants to sell my grand children into more debt slavery to subsidize failed states like California. I have to protect myself. Communists want me to protect them, the failed single mothers and blacks. I just want to save myself, no one else, black or white, male or female, just me. Glad I have FU money. To the Communists and social justice warriors, FU.

  13. Fed took over August 15th, 1971, after the murder of JFK. Communism 2.0 is funded with debt notes and computer credits. We need gold to measure reality, not fantasy to measure reality. The drug is dollars, debt notes, computer credits, free money, but government picks winners and losers, just like Soviet Union and Communist China. Nobody cares. Elections are rigged. We are going to get MORE Communism, more evil, more taxes, more theft, less truth, less reality, to save the black people.

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