June 17, 2021


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Michel Barnier Plans To SUSPEND Migration To France

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46 thoughts on “Michel Barnier Plans To SUSPEND Migration To France

  1. Barnacle is an effing liar of the worst sort. I hope they chase him out of office with all democratic means and ensure he never set his manipulative and anti-democratic foot into politics ever agian!

  2. How can I contact Mahyar? This is important, A frightening video about Corvid jabs, I want him to publish it on here. This is why I wouldn't have it. God help those who have had the Jab,.

  3. I don’t know why anybody would pay any attention to Emily Thorn urgh. She has no idea about the world. She comes across to everyone as a spoilt little rich girl and speaks absolute rubbish. I hope our MP’s are not being paid whilst on lock down as let’s face it they aren’t doing anything, except for those few close to Boris.

  4. The reason slippery Barnier wants to stop all EU migration for 5 years is obvious. The UK isn't part of the EU any more and that will stop Boris Sending back or returning all illegal migrants that entered UK via backs of lorries and little dinghy s across the channel from Calais.

  5. I hope the French voters see through this bull shit , France needs radical change like Le Pen .Boris and his gang need to get their arses moving here as well because most of the UK population have had enough .

  6. Looking at the Nigel Farage breaking point poster again which I didn't realise at the time or think of back then but where are all the women and children in that photo ??? Looks suspiciously like all young men of a certain age group again … Mmmmmm ????? Do these migrants not care about their women and children and elderly people ? If that was us there would be an outcry that we had left our women and children behind to who knows what awful fate .

  7. For those politicians Schengen is a tool – not a right. When it doesn't serve it is dismissed… If freedom of movement had been a right it would have been balanced with the rights of the people who were living in the country before those people moved in… but it never was balanced because those politicians never had rights in mind. They had only convenient songs to marshal their causes forward. Songs are easy to change. Don't trust a politician who can't show you the rights he will stand up for.

  8. What are they actually going to do send all their illegal immigrants to England because we seem to be excepting them and yet we pay France to keep them there would it be not better to give them the money the immigrants I mean and send them home with millions

  9. They will move them to calais. They will ignore the people smugglers supplying rubber boats. They will ignore vehicles been broken into to smuggle over to the uk.they will ignore the uk money paid to French police to do there jobs.

  10. The people have been anti imigration from day one but ignored by politicians whose lives are not affected . Now a change of heart….who do they think they're fooling ?

  11. Like all politicians he speaks as his desire for power guides him. Backstabbing old colleagues, rubbishing ideas once held sacred, arguing reversal of former beliefs. any and all tactics to win power, nothing is as true as the saying power corrupts. Barnier is as corruptible as his desire and it is plain to see his hunger and desire for power is all consuming.

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