April 18, 2021


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30 thoughts on “Mike Graham | 25-Jan-21

  1. the power crazy government and i include the useless embarrassing opposition have felt no pain or inconvenience of the disastrous lockdowns, please could someone start a campaign that they have a large reduction in there salary, if they don't there going to carry on with this hideous lockdown disaster, they keep reminding us that we are all in this together!, apart from them that is.

  2. Glynn is completely right. Common sense or evidence is not part of any government policy any more. Bloody right about having to have vaccines peer reviewed but SAGE can suggest anything they want with no checks at all. 👍

  3. SAGE and Hancock are not admitting it, but clearly zerocovid is the strategy. Our loons don't get it. We are not Australia. For a start the bug prevalence is vastly higher. It is endemic, maybe it was always going to become endemic even had we shut all borders back in February. How much damage do they have to wreak on us before they admit defeat?

  4. Just hope that this country's National defence does not have the same ' public view' on all of this as the government has and and is trying to display. A subversive attack can not be ruled out. Products from China, TEST, airbags in packaging, TEST, possibility of Honeypot wives, TEST, any business linked with China, TEST, apparent deletions of certain data, investigate those responsible. Media companies and politicians that show signs of an affiliated agenda with China or large multinationals that are affiliated with China, Restrict their activities and Check. The possibility of state run or terrorist run Superspreaders, investigate, Track and Trace their links activity and acomplises.

  5. About time we need more back benches to start sorting their top front bench out especially the Prime Minister I need to get rid of sage and the science advisors and get people in that want to sort out this mess

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