March 7, 2021


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37 thoughts on “Mike Graham | 29-Jan-21

  1. No longer listening to your station why would you censor and cut petter hitching interview fckibg disgracefully. You are now as currupt and toxic as youtube. Bye talk radio.

  2. I wonder if Talk Radio (the home of Free Speech) will be recommending Talk Radio as Plank of the Week next week, for censoring part of Peter Hitchens comment made on the Mike Graham show.

  3. the extreme nationalist Sturgeon has now revealed how much she hates the rest of the UK by siding with the EU, let's hope that when all this settles down she is held accountable.

  4. Lockdowns don't work when you've still been letting people in the country from all over the globe with no quarantine (up until recently . Mike Graham doesn't half talk some guff nowadays

  5. we got this in Canada over Quebec….2 referendums said they didn't want to separate. The separtists keep saying that they should have referendums until they get one where the Separtists win. THAT referendum is supposed to be the binding one…

  6. the Chicago teachers' union jumped the queue for vaccines by saying they'd go back if they were vaccinated. They were vaccinated. They're still refusing to go back…AND they got free vaccines.

  7. Filled in BBC questionnaire on people’s option of their programes media coverage etc “wasn’t favourable to them” when got to end of questionnaire and SUBMIT tried 53 times too!! Kept stating error 🙄🥴 copied and pasted it sent it to BBC complaints email and have thus far had zero response 🤮🤬💤💤💤

  8. Scottish Referendum: Let them have their Independence without one. No UK pound, no funds from Westminster, no EU membership, oil prices plummeting, strict immigration boarders, no Covid vaccines etc.etc. When Scotland "sinks" into the North Sea and Sturgeon dies, the Scots will be singing "Hooray the witch is dead" loader than they did when Thatcher died. Love it.

  9. If I was Director General of the BBC I would close BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC Scotland, BBC Alba, I would merge CBBC and Cbeebies into one station. BBC News and BBC World News would combine to use resources and share programmes. BBC Parliament remains. BBC local radio reduced by 65%. BBC national radio stations would close, such as 6Music, 1extra.

  10. My new funding method for the BBC would be to abolish the licence fee. The government would provide an annual Public Broadcasting Grant out of general taxes to the BBC, in return the BBC would slim down, axe channels and radio stations and supplement their grant through the profits made by their commercial arm BBC Studios. This means the BBC remains, is reformed, is scaled back and brought under control.

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