February 26, 2021


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Mike Graham and Ian Collins | 1pm-4pm | 23-October-20

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21 thoughts on “Mike Graham and Ian Collins | 1pm-4pm | 23-October-20

  1. as I understand it vaccines work on a principle of "herd immunity", this country has (i would guess the lowest instance of multigenerational dwellings) so that dog dont hunt! So we now have to test test test, test incase you've had the virus and didn't notice, incase you've got the virus and dont realize and incase you are still suseptible to catching the virus ( which will kill you granny instantly on one of the three days a year you can be arsed to visit her ) if looks like it, smells like it and tastes like it, it is most certainly *@IT !

  2. In Wales you can't buy hair dryers , plates , cutlery , clothes ,shoes you name it , i don't see how it's going to stop the spread of a virus , looks like Amazon will sweep up selling non essential items on line , whatever non essential means .

  3. Allow me to fill up some information information with this person is demonstrating that business rate tax rates are going to be a plunger unfortunate say the Taxes is going to be Risen up again in the future to come because they want the Taxes back from the people this is the proper station Where many individual people are going to be challenging the system by the system is going to be embracing the laws in the process of this that many individual people who are fighting for their businesses on a deep deep in probation we realised that many individual people out there their businesses rates is going to collapse meaning they are not going to get the full support what is the expected because 80% of the salary payment which is going into business rates on a regular basis who Jobcentre how are they going to pay off the other 20% is going to place them into debt immediately or in other words that debt collectors are going to be arriving at their doorstep demanding certain money off them when they don't have it what is the system going to do

  4. Come on Mike and Ian , l lets talk about Brexit, so boring Covid-19 Subject .Already been give to much air time covered by all the Main Stream Media…..Yawn……. Unlike Brexit situation…!

  5. Calling people who believe that governments have been infiltrated by a Khazarian mafia cult ‘loonies’ is so close minded… there is lots of evidence that proves that religions, media and institutions etc have been infiltrated… you are just not looking at it… but even if it was absolutely proven to be true with concrete evidence, you still wouldn’t believe it

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