September 25, 2021


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Mike Maloney's Reaction to 'Transitory Hyper-Inflation'

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33 thoughts on “Mike Maloney's Reaction to 'Transitory Hyper-Inflation'

  1. When you have a collapsing currency, storing value is possible when you have another currency such as the US dollar to store value in. Only problem now is the US dollar is the currency that is hyperinflating.

  2. the spike in Lumber in august is the forest fires that shut down mills for 3 weeks. The inflation is scarsity because the mills cannot make lumber fast enough to resupply creating a scarcity that will last into the end of 2022

  3. I’ve shared your information with folks…only one took it seriously while the rest just gave me the fluoride stare

    From here on out, folks are on their own

  4. Most all of Hyperinflations are Transitory – Lasting just long enough to destroy the existing currency, until the Next new one comes along – in the cycle.

  5. check out this video COVID SHOTS, DNA & TRANSHUMANISM [2021-04-29] – DR. CARRIE MADEJ (VIDEO) then tell me if you like crytos & if people still support crytos & don't educate themselves is no different than the people you talk about

  6. Hidden secrets of money is part of my foundation step one for everyone I offer help to thanks Mike u da man miami btc 2021?? Would love to meet eventually in my life time

  7. Love hidden secrets of money. Got a bunch of silver back at 12.35 spot in march last year , another order of 2021 silver Britanias have litteraly arrived today. Been sat playing with them like poker chips while watching this video smiling haha! Love the stuff

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  9. The next bubble will not be gold and silver! It will be crypto and technology… we have already started. Once we get a blow off top in crypto we will move, or the fed raises rates and implodes this fake economy, gold and silver will drop by 15-25% , with everything else and crypto will drop by even more, but then all three will lead us out of this mess. I plan to load up on Gold and Silver then. Gold and silver can't grow while crypto grows. It is just not possible. Why mess with anything else when you have math and unmanipulated markets to work with first. Besides, the fed knows the rise in either shows their lies are working.

  10. If you look at hyper inflationary countries (Venezuela) the stock market goes straight up with hyperinflation and is not necessarily a bubble. Could that be what is happening in North American markets?

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