May 14, 2021


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45 thoughts on “Monero’s Internal Makeup with Howard Chu

  1. Sir Rafael, could you explain a little when Mr Chu said he did not look any further into Pirate ARRR because they are using Z cash modified code? I just got into this in feb and I only follow you and Jeff. Thank you for you time.

  2. Rafael, thank you. I loved the video where you were giving you speech in Fl. where you were calling out what real crypto is. It would be so fun to hang out with you.
    Best of times to you and those you love

  3. YOU ONLY APPEAL TO TECHIES! When are all of you tech guys going to finally realize that the largest market for Crypto's are the NON-TECH folks like myself. You have tunnel vision and only know how to market to the TECH CROWD. There are Billions of folks that don't understand a word of what you are talking about. Even exchanges like Binance are so STUPID as to not show and tell you in simple video format how to buy or trade for other coins REALLY SAD!

  4. Top interview.
    The greatest attribute of xmr imo is that it takes the decentralization principle to the max by extending it to the mining function, while the fungability is protected by obfuscation of users and transactions.
    This principled approach will carry it further than most crypto's.

  5. Cloudcoin is post blockchain " CC " !! RAIDA Tech baby !! Fast, free fuel. Private ,fixed amount, fungible, recoverable if lost. Amazing interview – thank you Rafael and Howard!

  6. talk about your Monero that is tracable, there will be an exodus to pirate chain very soon, people want real privacy, monero just lucky to have started sooner and with a market advantage, pirate chain to to moon! 🙂

  7. Fun fact: Before LMDB Monero was using flat files loaded in RAM to store the blockchain – that's why it took 20 hours to sync, that and LMDB is wicked fast for k/v lookups.

  8. I really need your help. I have been trying for months to send my Monero from Atomic wallet to my Monero Wallet an I keep getting is "Block explorer is currently unavailable". Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this issue. Atomic wallet isn;t helping much on their end. A rookie mistake.

  9. I watched a video with fluffypony and some of the monero guys with the guy from Nexus Earth where they were basically hounding him, they came across really badly, they seemed quite childish and petulant.

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