May 8, 2021


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Money, Money, Money – What is it, Who Corrupted it and How You Were Brainwashed

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Money, Money, Money – What is it, Who Corrupted it and How You Were Brainwashed. Jeff Berwick walk and talk from Mexico city We Are Change Merchandise: …


33 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money – What is it, Who Corrupted it and How You Were Brainwashed

  1. Jeff, it's the love of money is the root of all KINDS of evil, not the love of money is the root of all evil. One word can change the whole meaning. You are awesome and do a great work. Thank you!

  2. Regarding people's money perspective, you have to hand it to the freaks behind the mayhem, they did a good job of brainwashing the population. People think that money is evil and that somehow they are supposed to be poor. People also refuse to believe that governments want you poor and in servitude, even when it's obvious.

  3. Jesus spoke more about "money" then he did heaven and hell. The Bible says that money is "a root of all evil," notice "a" not "the" (Greek)! Speak about the Bible and Jesus Christ without knowledge should be left out of these conversations.

  4. They say that "money isn't important" and "money can't buy you happiness" which programs most people (particularly on the left) for financial failure.

  5. I don't agree on one thing. Lucy is smart. Dogs have superior hearing, if they don't listen to you that means they don't want to. It's not because they're dumb. Great video as always.

  6. The free market is like a flower. Left on it's own, it blooms naturally into a beautiful thing. The socialists and the control freaks want to force markets to behave unnaturally. /morons

  7. Debt based money system: John fixes Mary's door. Mary gives John a piece of paper that says " I Owe U a sandwich for fixing my door". Mary is in debt to John. John wants to get some eggs from Susan. John gives Susan Mary's IOU in trade for the eggs. Susan then gives Mary the IOU and gets a sandwich. Mary's debt is payed.

    The crime: Jack prints ANOTHER of Mary's IOUs. In effect now Mary has to make TWO sandwiches because there are now TWO sandwich IOUs. That's inflation. The current banksters have perfected this crime even more by using guns to enforce the use of the banksters printed monopoly IOUs. Mary is now their slave.

  8. jeff i luv these fucking walkin and talks….peace…..oh in yur poker stars hit the deal jackpot and ya can win $$$$$$….and im not talking about the chests……try it…

  9. It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of god I think is the quote your looking for.

  10. It’s more the brain washed. Life revolves around it in literally everything aspect.

    If you don’t have the fake paper then you are considered a piece of shit in society.

    I’m 22:04 in when making this comment.

    I couldn’t agree more so far.

  11. dollars are debt units………i don't say the word ''dollar'' these days…..i say debt-unit to refer to dollars lol because that's exactly what they are like u say tdv yeeew legend….. 🙂

  12. hey tdv i think the quote '''money is the root of all evil'' means that the love for material items is the root of all evil, being selfish, being greedy, and the crimes that come from this…….its been shortened to ''money is the root of all evil'''….but really poverty is the root of all evil…….have great week tdv….yeeew legend

  13. I cut my own hair. A one time purchase of clippers, and a mirror…
    BAM, you are a barber. Wear a hat if you F up, or buzz it all off.
    Nice video, Thanks!
    p.s. Buy a silver round every time you cut your own hair.

  14. Money can be good if not worshiped, and if my wife and I had a significant amount of it,we would give alot of it away and do as much good with it in other ways, my wife also wants to help build many small homes for the homeless and help animals wich is probably why we dont have it because there are bad people and entities in this world and they dont want that happening…. kind of a ramble I'm writing but just a thought, great video though

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