July 26, 2021


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36 thoughts on “Moon Shots: NASA's Journey to the Moon | Free Documentary

  1. If you want to see the Landers on the Moon.? Just check out pictures from the
    LRO, That's the
    Lunar Recon Orbiter it orbits the Moon & takes pictures close up of all the Moon Landers on site, there cool pictures & you can even see the
    Astronauts foot prints on the Moon

  2. Quite a few errors in this. Apollo 10 during PDI was the first one. Quite the opposite happened from what the narrator said. Next was Apollo 11. They were early, landed long not short. After that I quit Watching. Gave it a shot though, will watch just anything about mans greatest achievement.

  3. We didn’t go to the moon in the 1960 then and we can’t go to the moon today. With a new military branch space force, if we had gone to the moon in the 60s we would have a base there today. Moon landings are as real as Santa clause and the Easter bunny.

  4. One of the most annoying things about the "debate" over whether or not the moon landings happened is the lack of mention of the thousands of scientific papers that resulted. Before hoaxers spout nonsense they should be challenged to explain these papers. How, for example is it possible to fake cosmic ray spallation or 10 k/sec micrometeorite impacts?

  5. @7:05 – – > now i'm NO conspiracy theorist & i BELIEVE we went to the Moon; however start watching 5 sec after 7 & if you PAUSE soon frame turns to @7:06 watch the FLASH & you'll NOTICE a REFLECTION of something to the LEFT of the SpaceCraft!! ??

  6. 17:08 – Wow, that Lunar Module was a crumpled up piece of garbage. How did that thing ever meet up with Colins above, cruising at about 4,000 to 5,000 mph? Truly, this is equivalent to parting the Red Sea. And those smiles at 18:07 – Where were those during their press conference? (Look like they'd been shot with a Bugs Bunny Space Module.)

  7. The moon Landing actually happened. Flat Earthers shut up. This is interesting. This is history. No morality. You fake flat Earthers are debunking themselves. I don't care about the flat Earth. I care more about these brave men. Who risked there lives. So we could have a better understanding of the moon and the reality we live on. There memory will live on. ??? Truly amazing video. ?????????

  8. funny how mom's basement dwellers who say NASA faked the moon landing because their traverse through the allen belt radiation would have killed them never apply that same reasoning to Soviet astronauts who went AROUND the moon (without landing on it) so Russians apparently must be immune to said radiation.

  9. Wake up !!!! It’s all a fantasy to make the Russians believe the USA was ahead of them with space race technology . Cold War propaganda that worked . It should be in the Guinness book of world records as the biggest ever publicity stunt .

  10. This is a big lie ,, they never land or went to the Moon !. it is a hoax ,and bullshit hollywood movie , still human can not go to moon ,with new technology , no human can pass the van alen belt ,about 400 km above earth ,then will die of radiation .USA fooled people around the world .

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