May 14, 2021


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Most Important Exercises to Help Pinched Nerve & Neck Pain

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48 thoughts on “Most Important Exercises to Help Pinched Nerve & Neck Pain

  1. I hope it's ok to post my MRI findings to get some help. Basically I would like to know what direction should I take for treatment and what exercises should I avoid? For the record I have arm pain radiating to my hands now as apposed to the tingling.

    Tingling in both arms. X-ray showing degenerative disc disease and left
    cervical root.
    X-rays of the cervical spine from July 8, 2019.
    Multiplanar, multi-sequential MRI of the cervical spine.
    There is unremarkable appearance of the visualized posterior craniocervical
    The vertebral body heights are maintained with no fractures identified. There
    is reversal of the normal lordosis of the mid to lower cervical spine. There is
    grade 1 anterolisthesis of C3 over C4 measuring 0.2 cm, C4 over C5 measuring 0.3
    cm, and grade 1 retrolisthesis of C6 over C7 measuring 0.3 cm.
    The cervical cord is of normal size throughout. Note is made of a tiny
    hydromyelia extending from the C3-C7 levels measuring up to approximately 1 mm
    in diameter. There is otherwise normal signal throughout the cord.
    C2/C3: No disc pathology. Moderate left and minimal right hypertrophic facet
    joint osteoarthritic change. No central canal stenosis. Mild left neuralforaminal stenosis.
    C3/C4: Minimal uncovering of the intervertebral disc due to the anterolisthesis
    at this level. Moderate to severe left hypertrophic facet joint osteoarthritic
    change. Minimal bilateral uncovertebral arthrosis. No significant central
    canal stenosis or right neural foraminal stenosis. Moderate left neural
    foraminal stenosis.
    C4/C5: Uncovering of the intervertebral disc due to the anterolisthesis at this
    level with a superimposed minimal diffuse disc bulge. Moderate to severe left
    and mild right hypertrophic facet joint osteoarthritic change. Mild left
    uncovertebral arthrosis. No significant central canal or right neural foraminal
    stenosis. Moderate left neural foraminal stenosis.
    C5/C6: Mild to moderate intervertebral disc height loss. There is a small
    diffuse posterior osteochondral bar. Mild left hypertrophic facet joint
    osteoarthritic change. Mild to moderate bilateral uncovertebral arthrosis.
    There is mild central canal stenosis and mild bilateral neural foraminal
    C6/C7: Mild intervertebral disc height loss. Minimal diffuse osteochondral bar.
    Mild moderate bilateral uncovertebral arthrosis. Minimal central canal
    stenosis. Minimal left and mild right neural foraminal stenosis.
    C7/T1: Redemonstration of the left-sided cervical rib. No significant central
    canal or neural foraminal stenosis.
    Multilevel degenerative changes of the cervical spine which are asymmetric to
    the left facet joints with associated asymmetric left neural foraminal stenosis
    as described above. Tiny hydromyelia of questionable clinical significance.

  2. I suffer with pinched nerve and did 8 weeks of PT and he had me doing pretty much some of the same exercises you demonstrated. My pinched nerve has flared up again and I need to start doing these to get relief bc they definitely work!

  3. Mine is so bad both my hands are numb tingly and experience intense pain I wake up multiple times during the night with indescribable pain and have to stand up and let my arms hang before falling back asleep I will try these stretches

  4. Thanks so much for all this accessible help and understanding the problem of which none had explained to me. Especially recognising the importance of posture. I was in pain a year a go seeing physio no good. So tried my own self help on you tube. I am pleased with these easy exercises I am so much better than last year. Thanks

  5. I find placing a tennis ball behind the area that hurts with you back to the wall helps me. I just slowly roll if around and up and down to help relieve the area.

  6. As far as I concerned there is never going to be a reason for me to enter a church again. But watching Bob and Brad religiously, is on my list of heavenly actions. I'd rather be around people who actually care.

  7. May I ask how long one should do these exercises? I have been doing them diligently for the past 4 days, several times a day, and they seem to be helping the TINIEST bit, but I'm feeling hopeless and frustrated. The numbness in my hand seems to have gone away, but the pain in my shoulder blade going down to my upper arm is so intense. Seems to almost intensify when I DO correct my posture. Help 🙁

  8. Hey guys love the show. After much watching and googling I think I have a pinched nerve in between my neck (left top) and shoulder. Painful to raise my arm out to the side and bulging muscle just where my bra strap should sit. Any idea if this will go away with just stretching and massage?

  9. What doctor does one see if the pain radiates down the arm down to the fingers? Can't lift coffee cup. Arm burns like its been tightly wrapped with an ace bandage then lit on fire chased with shoulder to wrist boxcutter slicing. Going on 6 years now. Homeless because of this. I've been told everything from slap tear to pinched nerve. Pills are given. Nothing helps. I don't wanna be a zombie or in pain. I want my life back. Not even 40 yet. Should have never been a junk hauler.

  10. Thank you very much. This nerve pain feels like you’re burning from the inside out sometimes but y’all gave me solid tips and I’m already feeling relief. Also laughter is the best medicine so the jokes probably help too haha

  11. Thank you so much!! I tried the chin tuck with the towel and side flexion to the affected arm and my tingling reduced immediately more than the extension. Gonna try this for a week! Such a relief.

  12. English baffles me. Why would I want to help a pinched nerve? It's doing all it can to be pinched and express pain! It doesn't need any help from me! What I'm looking for is pain relief from neck and backache. (I'm so confused.)

  13. forward neck bends and waist bends in yoga ruined me. still dealing with the aftereffects of that nonsense. thanks for these exercises guys!

  14. Hey doctors,

    i've had pain in my pinky finger for over two years now. i didn't injure it, and just woke up one day in immense pain out of the blue. my x-rays, ultrasound, and MRI all showed ZERO issues regarding tendons, muscles, or bones. i've seen literally 12 doctors including physical therapists and specialists. none of them have any idea what's wrong with me. is it possible my problem may be due to a pinched nerve?

  15. Are you really saying the same things again and again every year?…

    I think these things are not miracle and never will be.

    Nobody knows the exact cause of the neck pains and movement disorders.

  16. How long does it take doing these exercises before you typically see results/relief? I have this but it goes down both arms into the fingers. It’s awful.

  17. Thanks !!! After 4 years of Botox as result of a rear end car accident, and the numbness in my right hand getting worse,, I finally found relief after these simple exercises,, such a big difference !!! Thank you !!! Physical therapy for me has been inexperienced young females that did know jack……

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