April 10, 2021


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MPP Randy Hillier ticketed following anti-lockdown “Pots and Pans Protest”

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41 thoughts on “MPP Randy Hillier ticketed following anti-lockdown “Pots and Pans Protest”

  1. Remember everyone this hole lockdown was based off of a faulty model from WHO and even now it says on on WHO website only sick people should wear masks so I guess the government only cherry picks their info just for a power grab. Wake up people. Do 2 min of research.

  2. It's really tragic when you have to break the law to exersize your freedoms! We need to band together and defy these rules!! Unmask and live your lives!! Main stream media is nothing more than a propaganda and fear mongering outlet. Defy theses needless rules. Government is paid by us to run the country, not rule over and dictate to us. NO MASKS, NO VACCINES, NO DICTATING. I WILL NEVER OBEY!!!!!

  3. Give us our freedom back reset back to a post corona vires world .I wonder if our politicians have been bought and paid for to to bring in a Communist New world Order .

  4. so the uk approved the vaccine for emergency use, i find it unsettling that they throw in this emergency use token. leaves me wondering what shortcuts were taken to get this approved on a emergency basis.

  5. When they bring out all the guns and use the police unlawfully, you know they are trying to prevent something that will have a huge impact on everything. They know what they are doing is wrong and this is the battle that will set the precedent for everyone during this whole Covid hoax. The worst part is that it has been this way for a LONG time, but you all have been asleep and distracted with having to scrape dollars in order to survive. We are better than all of this. Wake UP!

  6. Everyone should call on Trudeau to stop any monetary subvention to the main stream media. He’s killing the industry by paying them to propagandize the liberal narrative .Hurting the citizens by spreading false information to create fear among the population .Rendering people dependant on big government is a slippery Slope you can’t climb back up . Once the control is establish they’ll hang to it with ferocity .

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