March 8, 2021


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MugClub's 2020 Greatest Hits | Louder with Crowder

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46 thoughts on “MugClub's 2020 Greatest Hits | Louder with Crowder

  1. We know how excited you all were for the NV road trip. We were too. Unfortunately, something came up and we had to pivot in the moment. Many apologies, sincerely! We know this episode isn’t the one you were expecting, but we’re striving to make it up to you in 2021. Merry Christmas to all (except the election cheaters)!

    What were YOUR favorite moments from this year?

  2. Just stopped by to say that Steven has been on my heart. I pray not only for Steven but also his circle of godly and strong men.

    I finally joined mug club just over a month ago after listening to him nearly every morning during lockdowns before my day began with remote teaching with my 6th grade students. I watched him years ago and would seek out new content from him from time to time.

    Although I would be sad if he doesn't put anything out there again, I only want the best for him. Take as much time as you need. Come back if and when you're ready. You are continually in my prayers.

  3. Just a daily reminder that animals such as:chickens,cows, and pigs are being tortured by the billions a year. Go watch how they are treated and scalded for our twisted satisfaction.

  4. GUYS AND GALS… I think Steven might be laying low… the president just got banned off of twitter, can't risk Steven for one second. He's game planning, and I'm sure he will be back.

  5. I'm a fan of the show. So I will not say Crowder took money to be silent in these times…But all the people we thought were great took money to be silent because no man is good; As "JLP" @jesseleepeterson always says. Anyways…hope the crew is well.

  6. Keep looking back to see if you posted, hope to see another change my mind and something stating what we may all be in store for soon, I think you’re smart for taking a vacation, hope you had a great new year and hope to see you back again

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