April 11, 2021


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Murder, Capitalism & War: Santa’s Story Is a LOT More Epic Than You Think Preview | Glenn TV

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41 thoughts on “Murder, Capitalism & War: Santa’s Story Is a LOT More Epic Than You Think Preview | Glenn TV

  1. Good verses evil President Trump is our gift from heaven MAGA LIVES WITH IN US ALL keep your faith stand up to this evil President Trump needs us now more then ever God bless please guide us thru this dark times

  2. Saint Nicholas went back home and hired a bounty hunter to kill the innkeeper who murdered those boys. The innkeeper went to Nancy Pelosi's house and hid inside her freezer full of ice cream. Nancy Pelosi forgot he was in there and locked the door.

  3. Today is the 30th of December 2020. There are 20 days 19 hours 57 minutes and 26 seconds remaining until people will no longer have to worry that the US president might start a nuclear war via Twitter.

  4. I think the reason he gave him a son is that the man can eventually Understand what he was going to do to the parents of those three sons. Of course that’s if he loved is own son as much. That’s my guess.

  5. St. Nick is also known for standing up for the truth. During the Consul of Nicaea, while debating the Mystery of the Holy Trinity, Arius insisted that Jesus was the Son of God but not equal to the Father. St. Nick was frustrated with Arius hardheaded arguments, that he lost his cool. St. Nick got up, he walked cross the room and slapped Arius across his face.

    May St. Nick intercede for the truth to be revealed. May the light of Christ shine through the darkness.

    Merry Christmas to all! 👑🐑🕊🌟💒🔔🎅🎄☮️🎉🎁🌎

  6. let me tell you a story. theres two fabled figures. they both wear red, they both get inside your head and check in on your behavior, and they both have the letters A, A, N, T, and S in them. do you know what lore is, in reference to a video game? apply here….

  7. Interesting! Thank you! I love learning about our history! You really have to dig to learn these days! I was just this morning, after reading an Inspiration reading by Charles Swindoll, and then going over the histories of Alexander the Great, Herod the Great, and Augustus the Great by typing them in my iPhone. Of course Wikipedia is the main resource that shows up, and as far as Herod the Great goes Wikipedia makes sure to add their own bias information that the Bible’s claim of Herod’s order of execution of all the baby boys is questionable by several historians!! Wikipedia comes up so easily when searching for information but it is certainly proved to me to be very unreliable as a resource for trustworthy unlimited resources of information. They limit what they want their readers to hear!

  8. Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Thats when Bob realized his Carbon Monoxide detector wasn't working.

  9. You probably should consult with a Greek Orthodox priest on the true story of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The whip seems appropriate when you consider that St. Nicholas punched out the heretic Arius at a major Church council.

  10. Merry Christmas Mr. Beck & family. Thank you for all you do to bring awareness and your relentless dedication to making our world a better place. The Blaze and all who work tirelessly to educate and get the truth out, with a kind heart, have brought me hope that there are still so many people out there that truly care for one another. I pray for peace this Christmas and for our nation to unite and heal going into the next year.

  11. COLOR, right after the HOLIEST day of the year this Billionaires post has story of children being eaten. The title alone shows this platform's TRUE COLOR. Beware of what you watch on this platform as you see it is not a follower of GOD.

  12. I’m just here for all the ridiculous comments from the religious zealots that need to convince everyone that Santa is Evil and is really Satan because they have to find a way to demonize absolutely everything lol. You can’t have any other religions other than theirs or you will just cease to exist! No love or “heaven” for you!! Yeah….. seems so loving of God doesn’t it? The more they push all these ridiculous notions the more they push people away from getting closer to God really. All they do is judge and make crazy accusations.

  13. Santa Clause: hmmm….
    When I look at the word "Santa," I see an anagram:
    S A T A N

    When I hear the word "Clause," I hear:
    C L A W S

    Who fell like lightening?
    Who has a reindeer named "Lightening" & "Thunder" in the German Language:
    "Blitzen" & "Donner"?

    Where there is lightening, there is always thunder.

    An elf is a creature that is an abomination to God, the Heavenly Father. So, where does Santa Clause get his magical powers?
    The Holy Bible says Satan can transform himself even as an angel of light, for he is the great deceiver & during the Tribulation will perform many miracles that if it were possible, even the Elect of God would be deceived.

    Jesus Christ said that He is the Good Shepherd who gives His life for the sheep & also that He is the door to the sheepfold & if anyone enters the sheepfold by any other way than through Him, as He is the legitimate door, he is a murderer & a thief.

    Does Santa Clause use the door ?

    Santa sneaks in through a shaft of smoke & fire & then lands in the fireplace.

    Whose ultimate destiny is the Lake of Fire?
    Satan & his minions which are elves/demons.

    What is Santa's clothes made of?
    Animal fur.
    As soon as Adam & Eve have sinned, what did God do to hide their naked bodies?
    God made both garments from the fur of an animal to cover their nakedness which was 1 of the results of their sin.

    Why is Santa covered in soot?
    Because he is filthy.
    The soot reveals his ultimate destination:
    The Lake of Fire.

    What does Santa inhale from his pipe?
    Smoke that is the result of fire.
    What will Satan eventually inhale for eternity?
    Smoke from the Lake of Fire.

    What did Satan tempt Jesus Christ with?
    All the Kingdoms of the World's material goods & riches.
    What does Santa Claus deliver?
    Material goods & riches.

    Who steals the message of sacrificial giving & the spiritual gift of Jesus Christ & causes hearts & minds to turn their focus from Jesus Christ on Christmas?
    Santa Clause.
    Who offers eternal spiritual gifts?
    Jesus Christ.
    Who delivers the satisfaction of greed's desires, using material things that the moth eventually eats & rust eventually destroys?
    Santa Claus.

    What do pagans offer their idols?
    Gifts of food & drink.
    What is offered to Santa?
    Food (cookies) & drink (milk).

    Who is associated with red clothes from head to foot?
    Santa & Satan.

    Who appears as good?
    Santa Clause & Satan.
    Satan can transform himself to look like an angel of light, which is associated with godliness.

    Who mesmerized children?
    Santa Clause.
    Who tries to mesmerize all of Mankind?

    Whose nickname is
    "Old Nick"?

    I could go on, but I believe I've made my point.

  14. Ok the BEEF it's what's for dinner commercial " just as you were discussing meat pies. Was a little weird. Honest the Idaho beef council better timing would be good

  15. So, basically Christmas is and has always been a lie. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Christ or with the truth in any way. And we, being adults ,choose to teach our children this lie. Yet we spank our children or chastise our children for telling us lies. Oh what hypocrites we are.

  16. On the subject of the pipe you: pipes were disposable at the time because once they were clogged you bought a new one. The average person could not afford this so when their pipes clogged they would shove sticks and twigs in the pipe to clear the obstruction and it would break the end of the pipe.

  17. He puts presents in children shoes or switches if you're bad. Yea yea yea….. European influence…I'm screaming this until you respond……the black forest….Hansel and Gretel…. get a clue, open your eyes… damnit… this has been going since WW2….

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