April 10, 2021


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MUST WATCH: "Lockdown – The Right Side Of History". For Truth we Toil – Forever.

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27 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: "Lockdown – The Right Side Of History". For Truth we Toil – Forever.

  1. Sorry, but I freely CHOOSE to take the advice of people who seem to be knowledgable about the risks. I KNOW I can choose otherwise. There is the flavour of a hero/victim/villain to this video that makes it feel like the only options are pick one of those three roles. We ARE free to act and will we do that responsibly? The main point in this presentation is driven by "facts". One such "fact" that I would want to examine more in depth is the claim that no lockdown Sweden is doing about the same as countries that did take precautions. The data I see says they have over double the deaths than my country of Canada. And in November, the authorities in Sweden did create restrictions: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/17/sweden-toughens-up-coronavirus-rules-as-infections-and-deaths-rise.html. If the restrictions are wrong, we will rebuild. If the restrictions are right, we avoid a radical health, trauma and personal catastrophe. Just my thinking and feeling right now.

  2. During the Spanish flu people willingly chose to go or not to x or why. Of course owners of some factories, business, schools etc closed not by decree. But it was the Spanish no peniciline and mostly everyone was hit. Not just vulnerable/unhealthy adults.

  3. Absolutely! Great content! Really shit background music for such a good presentation..such a shame!…we need to collaborate guys;-)

  4. I have worked on the front line through the second lockdown and subsequent tier 4 restrictions. I can see the cost in terms of lack of treatment for those other than the Covid 19 patients. Those not treated for other serious health conditions and the huge economic consequences. job losses, business failures looming large. We need to stand up for our liberty as our freedoms become lost.

  5. If you stand up for the weak & what's right you don't oppose lockdowns (but you do look that business owners forced to lock down get compensated). Instead you look out for the elderly, who DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE but to visit hospitals, where they get infected if we let this disease run rampant. Also they are doing the lockdowns TO PREVENT hospitals from overflowing, so unless you are a nurse you have no right to decide over this.

  6. It’s no use. I give up. Extreme lockdowns again here in California, I could post this, but what good would that do? The minority that would agree, would watch it. All others wouldn’t give it a moments notice, but just spew hate and derision. What good would that do 😔 Am I a coward?

  7. I've been standing up against this since the get go–filming the empty hospitals/Javits Center/Central Park Tents in Manhattan, refused to wear the muzzle, moved home to Texas b/c nobody in Manhattan seemed like they were gonna do anything to stand up against this obvious government seizure of power, speaking out on social media, etc., and I have lost friends. A good friend of mine for 15 years, a retired Marine Corps General, said I had too much "hubris" and pride and refused to debate me on any of the government overreach and evidence that I had of their wrongdoing. He even refused to talk about the video evidence that I have. I told him that if he cannot support the Constitution of the US and our human rights that we cannot be friends. He's the kind of guy that would send a team to kill someone like me who doesn't bow down to daddy government. The government has NO right to imprison us in our homes no matter what excuse they make up. We're being imprisoned over the common cold at the moment, and people still believe that some guy in a mansion or castle far away loves them and cares for their health. I ask folks, "Do the rich people in your family call you up and offer to pay for you health care and/or mortgage?" Why do we still believe some ruler loves us? They steal from us, have sex with our brides on their wedding nights, enslave us, send us to war, and now they're taking away your very right to breathe the air. What is wrong with everyone? It's so disappointing that humans are unable to learn from the past and make better decisions.

  8. I can't go along with an illogical plan. It doesn't make sense. It hasn't made sense from the beginning. I value my moral duty to my fellow men over the acceptance of them. I won't wear a mask, 10 months in and that won't change. I won't be vaccinated, tagged, tracked, forced into poverty to then only have the option of the N W O. It's not happening. Those who know the truth of this plan, (agenda 2021 & agenda 2030) have an obligation to stand up and shout it from the rooftops. The only reason more people are waking up is because the scared decided they weren't going to hide any longer and we told everyone we know what's coming. Now that it's happening those who we planted seeds with are starting to be brave too. It just takes a few to win. That's it. Just a few.

  9. Where was everyones concern about government takeover decades ago. You all wait til a pandemic out of control to foster your narrative that this is all the pandemic amounts to. And go sing your ignorance to the people working directly with death and dieing. You could care less that Americans are brutalizing people in the middle east because that same government you fear have waged cont. war for profit on soil that you have no business engaging. And now you worry about your freedoms you never really had in the first place. Go to hell!!!!

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