April 10, 2021


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MUST WATCH – the Scientific History of Lockdowns – Part 3. What Really Happened!

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43 thoughts on “MUST WATCH – the Scientific History of Lockdowns – Part 3. What Really Happened!

  1. I was standing in the center of my town (Clonmel) almost a year ago…bringing people's attention to Prof. Dolores Cahill and her perspective…also, I have her name written on the back door of my van. It was – and is, like half the country has had a forking lobotomy !
    Ivor, your name and podcast will be on it soon, as I do a Spring refresh on it 🙂
    I am currently in France, and there is a curfew from 6 pm to 7 am…..and most people, sadly, comply.

  2. I am not sure what the actual truth is but there is one thing that nobody will change my mind about. This virus is not a natural virus. It is a bio-engineered chimera. Humanity is a species of naive and credulous drones. I wish I could just check out by booking a ticket to another solar system.

  3. What does what China did or didn't do have to do with what the WEST DID? Video itself doesn't even make any sense–goes from showing the Death scene of Camille and saying that the CCP squashed those "videos" to then talking about them "locking down" mercilessly because of….what exactly? Some anti-China propaganda BS right here. You'd do well to take it down and stick with actual science vs. this idiotic nonsense. Did you even watch it? The West IS a repressive regime. Hello. Didn't need to by tech equipment from China to be repressive regimes. Some stupid shit right here.

  4. I've never been in the midst of such utter madness and nonsense before in my life. Chinese example of how to take on a virus is example of applying draconian measures to turn the world into one big communist country

  5. Why focus on China as guilty of corruption, fraud, propaganda and extreme authoritarianism?
    Just the old playground excuse "they started it"?
    Does that make most of the rest of the world governments, and media committing the same crimes and persisting any less reprehensible?

  6. Well, everyone else bought the Chinese propaganda. Now all the world has adopted the lockdown mentality, lunacy or not. Propaganda is powerful at getting people all over the world to do as the powers dictate.

  7. Someone should investigate the effects of Sars-Cov-2 in Nicaragua.
    President Ortega promoted large gatherings no lock downs and pushed for herd immunity.
    The deaths and infection numbers are very low.

  8. WE all got tricked hook and sinker. Anything that comes out of China is PROPAGANDA. I quickly figured out all those videos was acting , from the fake crying and convulsions. Vaccines cause those convulsions. Not sure if cyto storms from FLU causes that.

  9. Ivor, Thank you for introducing and amplifying Kate Wand & W.G. Gervais voices. Can our voices together break the stranglehold of the MilitaryMediaIndustrialPoliticalTech Complex. Very Daunting at times… at times discouraging. fight on

  10. Why are we following the advice of China for anything? Human rights, concentration camps, re-education, draconian lockdowns. Sounds fun. Wtf when does the world stand up to China, when did they become the gold standard for truth and just treatment of people.

  11. Currently reading Hidden Hand by Hamilton and Ohlberg, ties in perfectly with the info in this video. I knew China was questionable before, but when you understand how they have infiltrated the elites is simply frightening. There's 2 world's, the one you think you live in, and the secret one behind closed doors.

  12. I noticed this in the beginning and have been pointing it out eversince, except in the beginning people would call me murderer and conspiracy theorist and crazy with no lack of the "seems a little crazy" gif, luckily people are finaly starting to wake up.

    The moment I saw that from one day to the next the entire world, including the "free" west started promoting a totalitarian police state and it's draconian hysterical response as the good example to follow and actually copied it combined with the insane amount of propaganda that came with it I knew this doesn't add up.
    I was shocked to see how many people actively went along with it and actually agree with the draconian measures forced upon them.

    The media and governments drove the people into a mass hysteria of germophobia and many are still in stuck in it eventhough the facts clearly show it's bullshit.

    Luckily many are waking up from and stepping out of their stockholm syndrome

    This is psychological warfare and anyone who ever read sun tzu's "the art of war" can understand exactly what china is doing.
    And many governments, businesses, corporations, institutions and ngo's are happy to take advantage of it as they'll "never let a good crisis go to waste", hence WEF and their great reset, and bill gates propagating his so called "philantropic" vaccination agenda which he stand to make a lot of money on.

  13. Ivor thank you very much for all the work you're doing, appreciated
    yesterday I've read an interesting article in a scientific journal about Ethiopia
    there because of reasons of POVERTY they simply couldn't afford to go for a lockdown

    I'm not an expert, but maybe that's a tip for you to dive more deep into this stuff
    the point is that some countries couldn't afford a lockdown and they did very well
    maybe you have some more interesting things to say about this
    thank you, have a nice day

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