March 4, 2021


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My Financial Warnings – January

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46 thoughts on “My Financial Warnings – January

  1. Hard wearing clothes (think "outdoor style") including shoes/boots. Underwear and socks, good quality. Spare parts and tyres for your vehicles, including bikes and bicycles. Work gloves. Household chem. Canned and dry foods. Non prescription meds. Tools. Convert your fiat currency into hard assets while you still can. And pull some cash out of your account and tuck away – you know it will come in handy sooner or later.

  2. There is another book that needs to be taken into consideration. It is the Bible. We experienced the first birth pangs in 2020. Now we are in the 2nd birth pangs in 2021. When giving birth to a baby the intensity of the contractions will get worse and worse until the baby is born. We are heading toward tribulation. That is why the diaries and books of history will never compare or prepare for what is to come. The only one that prepare us is God. Draw close to God and HE will draw close to you. Get to know his son, Jesus.
    I appreciate you Neil Mc Coy-Ward and I always give you a thumbs up and hit the bell for notifications. I am just bringing another book that needs to be considered in this scenario unfolding before us all on this planet.

  3. Alt coins are called shit coins Neil. They will all go to zero when the central bankers come out with their own digital currency’s. Bitcoin is king it will rule all!

  4. If Trump doesn't leave office, the US government will dissolve !
    The only value the Dollar has, is the US government !
    When the Dollar and the US government dissolve, all the other currency's will follow !
    The great reset !!
    Trump is not leaving !!!

  5. Neil, seriously, make sure you prepare your alt-tech channels, alt-chat , alt-email etc etc….censorship is imminent on most independent thinkers on youtube. They've started banning big channels based on ideology in the last 24hrs. Take note.

  6. The FED being privately owned is only an irrelevant technicality. The FED actually works closely under the guidance of the treasury or the federal government. It never pursues a policy of money creation or asset buying reflecting an independent banker's mind.

  7. 2 trillion dollars of dirty money was laundered through the city of London via the banking system with impunity. Yet,neil they came down like a ton of bricks on you, suspecting you where a crime boss laundering you're crime profits through their banking system.what does that say about the international banking system?

  8. Interesting (but not too surprising) that the bank was giving Neil grief about buying crypto. There are rumours that HSBC are refusing fiat payments from crypto exchanges – anyone else heard about that?

  9. Why would you need to withdraw cash to invest in Crypto? Its more likely that debit cards payments are replacing cash for goods and services, therefore cash machines are not replenished so frequently. I don't think there is a conspiracy here.

  10. why dont you incorporate and pay yourself a salary from the the proceeds then your money streams are part of the coporation not you personally. thats how we do it here in the U.S.

  11. Fuck the state and shadow government(bankers). Fuck the big tech. People, spread this message everywhere, get over to: Bitchute, Parler and Minds. Buy crypto and precious metals mining stocks

  12. Slowly getting rid of cash is not a conspiracy but goverments clamping down on tax evasion if you have done nothing wrong theres no problem.
    Yes you do not have to be Einstein to know financially we are going to be in trouble but again if you have not taken on more debt than you can handle you should be able to ride the wave.
    Be patient and things will return to normal and all this forgotten.

  13. The government is NOT giving stimulus money ,,, they are going to raise your tax's to make you pay for your loan ..
    The FED is loading THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with debt…(new business/future profits)
    A real gangster MAKES YOU TAKE THE MONEY

  14. When you allow PRIVATE FOR PROFIT companies to create wealth out of thin air , its very hard to resist …..WE are just a formality in the equation take it back from as quickly as possible. Banks are the most fraudulent racket in human history …. they own all of OUR TIME and RENT it to us … they want it back PLUS more that doesn't exist in the system … 7-7-7 ..7% interest rate = a 7% unemployment rate = a 7% per ann BANKRUTCY/DEFAULT RATE (BANKSTER THEFT RATE) Because the interest payment has to come out of the PRINCIPAL LOAN ..there is an engineered shortfall built into currency supply. We do not trade wealth(money) we trade depreciating liability notes.. Most people in the developed nations are buried in debt …Covid measures are simply the tool use THIS TIME to flush out future debt opportunities ….after we clear our bankruptcy filings … As for foreign countries ? ever wonder why the USA has well over 100 military bases in almost every country in the world ? … yes you will meet certain demise if you do not come good on your debt notes … fear is a great motivator when you are protecting something that doesn't actually exist ; )

  15. Neil , I’ve been watching your channel now since the start of lockdown and I think most of your content as a whole has been very good information for your viewers.. I’ve heard you talk now and again about bitcoin the last 7 months.. which I thought was pretty cool considering you have very little understanding about it .. But I was horrified and disappointed to hear you pump altcoins to your viewers that have little or no experience in the crypto market.. I never heard you mention to your viewers to be cautious because ethereum is now up in value from £80 last January to £900 today .. so my take of it is , do your own research… bitcoin not shitcoins..

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