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I did a survey recently directly to my readers and their friends to sanity test the results in the Pollfish surveys we’ve been doing.

The results as of July 1, 2022 (519 vaccinated responses) are listed here:

Survey results of my readers and their friends. The percentages are the percentage of vaccinated people reporting that particular adverse event. These numbers may be on the high side, but they probably aren’t off by more than a factor of 2.

For example, this means 4.6% of people who were vaccinated needed to be hospitalized and 2.1% had a myocarditis diagnosis.

In the US, over 260M people have been vaccinated, so 2% with myocarditis represents over 5M people. That is a disaster.

These percentages are lower than the Pollfish surveys which is a bit odd to me, but I’m fine supporting the lower numbers. More than half are my readers who were vaccinated, the rest are from social media posts. People assume that my readers lie when they take polls and will exaggerate injuries, but it turns out that just isn’t the case as we are getting lower numbers from my followers than from unbiased polls of the American people.

What I was looking for was agreement in terms of relative frequency, namely that:

Hospitalized>Disabled>Myocarditis>Bells / Shingles

which is what VAERS says. Indeed, the table above has the same relative order as in VAERS.

These numbers in my table are also consistent with other observations and anecdotes I’ve obtained in the past.

The numbers are very troubling.

Unfortunately, nobody in the medical community is listening. They don’t want to gather any of this data or know it exists.

But for everyone else, these numbers are important because they show very clearly just how dangerous the COVID vaccines really are and how corrupt the medical community is for ignoring these numbers.

Other reasons for stopping the vaccines: death reports

I have over 2,000 reported vaccine death reports and AMD volunteered to analyze them. Here is his report. 242 of the deaths were rated as highly likely to be caused by the vaccine just from reading the writeup and before contacting the family. That’s sufficient right there to halt the vaccine nationwide.

Among other things, he noted a .5% rate of CJD in the injury reports (3/607). Again, this is sufficient right there to halt the vaccines. CJD is very rare and always fatal. It doesn’t just happen at a rate of 0.5% in a population like this.

However, the medical community isn’t really interested in looking into any of these cases because they’ve been told the vaccines are safe and effective.

Nobody from the medical community or the government has ever asked to see the death data I have collected. The New York Times doesn’t want to see it either as it would blow up the entire narrative. So it’s best left untouched. No sense in investigating things you aren’t allowed to write stories on!

Other reasons for stopping the vaccines: impact on birth rates

I learned over a year ago that rats who were given the vaccine had a 15% lower reproductive capacity. This was very concerning to people at the time.

Of course, the CDC ignored this. On insufficient evidence, the CDC recommended that pregnant women get vaccinated.

Of course, we now know that the vaccines are toxic to pregnancy which is why the CDC never released the final data on their study. Duh. And remarkably, the medical community never cared enough to ask for it!

Now we see the fruits of that advice popping up in multiple countries where the birth rates are depressed including Sweden, the UK, Germany, Taiwan, and more. It’s hard to ignore and nobody can explain it.


Anyone in the medical community could do surveys like I’ve done. But they won’t. The CDC won’t either.

And that tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it?

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