October 23, 2021


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23 thoughts on “My message to Prince Charles…

  1. Don't unglue them just pull them off the road if some skin stays stuck to the road it's a shame but they won't do it again the next day and it's better than just running them over.

  2. Charles and William spouting Globalist BBB rhetoric on climate change. They and the rest of that family, need to go. BtW has Charles ensured that ALL of his palaces, castles and country houses are insulated?

  3. If Charles is so worried about climate why doesn't he and his relatives downsize. Thier footprint is huge. They all live in stately homes drive the biggest cars, helicopters and private jets. Downsize Charles.

  4. Why can't people see…..Nigel Farage is just another puppet….These INSULATE BRITAIN ARE PAID FOR BY GOVERNMENT……it's all part of the s%$t show with government….who ever falls for this BS is NOT awake to the truth

  5. I can remember the demonstrations in the 60’s, I remember the blood on the demonstrators when they refused to move. I also remember that the demonstrations never lasted very long!!!!!! And the lesson is………..🤔

  6. It's messed up if say someone get out of their car and drags them off the road you can be arrested for assault this shit makes my blood boil who the hell do they think they are

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