April 10, 2021


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My Weekend in #CHAZ (Part 2) | Slightly Offens*ve

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27 thoughts on “My Weekend in #CHAZ (Part 2) | Slightly Offens*ve

  1. no social distancing .. shame shame shame . Walmart wouldn't stand for that .. Walmart new policy . no mask you can't buy from them . not only these communist government Democrats imposing their bullshit rules . now we have management at Walmart making up their own set of rules ….. so shoppers at Walmart can turn into protestors . and violate all social distancing rules .. and all things are free . looting burning down and oh yes riots … sounds about right thinking the way these communist Democrats are running things ..china made virus doesn't spread amoung protestors ..

  2. Dude you were so high on blow the night you did the one-the-ground-reporting’ for Crowder… you won’t admit it but your jaw was rocked bro… it’s all good!!!

  3. I agree with your point of view but, you really have a sick way of presenting something, you're smiling when you're talking about choking closing your eyes and look like you're dreaming about it,

  4. My dude, you should just cover all your sponsors at the beginning of your videos. ( I would say "at the end," but people are less likely to watch them then ). The transition is weird when you go from a clip, an then jump back into an advertisement before continuing.
    Especially when you have 2 or 3+ sponsored ads in a video, mine as well just take a few minutes to get them out of the way.

    Just "my advice" and opinion, but it seems like it interrupts and side tracks whatever you're in the middle of saying. An when expecting you to come back after showing some clip, to be talking about whatever you were prior or whatever was just shown in the clip. An instead then out of nowhere, you're talking about some random product an/or web adsite.

  5. Really man? They put a gun to your face, and you ask the guy, "did they threaten your life"? Wow, and your calling me an idiot for not watching your first part? Really man, who is the idiot? david

  6. We all die son. Go wash your hair. ???? modern day sodom, and gomorrah. Open air preaching used to be effective, but that’s when people had character.

  7. There’s nothing like promoting your cause on a national stage and repeatedly fucking it up. Gotta love these fascists and the way they think. Thanks for the test trial on socialism but I think the rest of the US is gonna pass.

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