May 8, 2021


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38 thoughts on “My Whistleblowing Journey: Comparing the Left to the Right

  1. Most of today’s “activists”, a term you actually employ in your brand slogan, are quite far on the left. Certainly not centrists, corporate dems, and very rarely from the right. If we can label a group of us “extreme left”, wouldn’t it also sound strange to consider independent, investigative journalism to be “extreme” by many? I find this general mentality very traditionalist, mainstream, and regressive. Sure it’s a bit ignorant. This is a conservative slight and it goes against the values of “activists” to exclude (especially our allies/friends), and disparage.

  2. YOU ARE A GODDESS. Just stumbled across your you tube site. VERACITY/TRUTH/MORALITY, love of country is exuded with every word that comes out of your mouth. I can feel it. You are what I need TODAY to fill in all this SHIT that the NWO/Globalist/Illuminatti are putting our country through. THE VEIL IS being lifted. THANK YOU- . These CRIMINALS are being exposed and I truly believe THE ENTIRE CORRUPT TEMPLE IS BEING PULLED DOWN ON THEIR HEADS RIGHT NOW. We will be set free. Fucking luciferian pedophile cultist bent on SUCKING EVERY BIT OF LOOSH out of the planet they can. Their time is DONE, over, finito. DARK TO LIGHT.


  4. Left and right, democrat/Republican are two wings of the same vulture. They have distorted the Constitution and have assaulted the Bill of Rights, ever since Wilson. Some say, since Lincoln. Both are welfare/warfare socialist/fascist and globalist at the same time. Both have bankrupted the country by legalized theft. Democrats tax, Republicans borrow!!

  5. I used to be a radical progressive and I left left-wing progressivism because of this virus and the technocratic response. At first I was mad Bernie lost because of rigged electoral system ruled by Gerontocracy and voter fraud, but after the virus I'm glad he lost because he probably would have supported the technocratic system. So I'm now a libertarian progressive because I support the constitution, and I think their power has to be stopped. I'm more of a techno-progressive who now wants more limited government control. Part of me just wants to leave politics and focus on science and evolving the human species, but unfortunately the subjects overlap. What's clear is that neoliberal deregulation like what happened in Chile is a successful way to end poverty and build countries. It creates jobs, but it destroys jobs here in America. So to maintain military and economic dominance, we have to have a deregulated and powerful technology industry and exports here in the US. To do this, we need to reform colleges to create technology manufacturers here in the US, and we need people without college degrees to have the engineering skills to create small technology manufacturers. I look at Japan as a model for small technology manufacturers, but Japan is falling behind currently do to elderly population and lack of innovation. Also, it's the orthodox scientific community who prevents Americans from entering high paying technology jobs, and they do so to maintain monopolies. But this mindset is destroying America. The majority of small businesses need to be technology businesses, not just service sector jobs which will destroy American middle class.

  6. What I wonder is why arent there treason laws anymore? So this is ok by Congress? These people bust on Russia but atleast the Russians have loyalty wether its coerced or not but these are treason. When did we stop going after treasonous acts?

  7. Nice rant, will share on FB. Left vs. Right lingo just doesn't work IMO, can't reduce it to one dimension (single axis). Thinking back a few years, I recall I had a different take on Hizmet. I'm a Quaker BTW. Thx again.

  8. I guessed it:Schakowsky & Creamer. (Although it's possible I had already heard it through some alternative media channel.)
    Now who was her little lesbian honeypot working for?
    Let me guess, a middle Eastern "democracy"?
    I wonder if our favorite son of Irgun — the whose dad was literally a terrorist, yet somehow became the DNC money man, white house chief of staff, congressman, then mayor of Chicago — have anything to do with it?

  9. I think definitions as right left centre , up down side ways or what ever are terms , old terms out dated , the real issue is as Sibel clearly outlined is a common sense one , but as every one knows , going to work at jobs that make no sense and politicians who do not represents the voters then we need separation , as Sibel said cant change peoples minds , so the people of the united states corporation will have to separrate , civil war , maybe but thats plays into the corporations hands ..
    Again the issues are out dated terms , mental health is a big issue after all the brainwashing medias and schools that teach nothing usefull to the people advancement , no one will wake up after being put to sleep with bad food and poisin drugs ..
    Sibel has common sense which is a very dangerous to corrupt mentally ill politicians ..

  10. "Democratic underground" was a joke and its title was a pun, since they seemed to function as a gatekeeping tool from the basement of the Democratic Party.
    One of the big conservative sites, "Free Republic," provided a similar service for the Bush GOP.

  11. Amazing injustice! And you know Barack was involved in those nefarious dealings. It's so pathetic that one person has that much power, but there are a lot of paid off publishers that bend the knee.

  12. So you were THE whistleblower on Hastert? I didn't know that.
    I'm a lifelong Illinoisan. I've never lived in Hastert's district — I have had a the good fortune to be represented in Congress by guys like Gus Savage, Mel Reynolds, and Jesse Jackson Jr. (We had one semi independent Democrat for 2 years, but Jesse and the machine redrew the map to absorb her rural district south of Chicago into gargantuan districts stretching like tentacles out of Chicago , effectively putting her out of a job .
    The Republican Party in Illinois for as long as I've known it has been equally as corrupt as the Democrats, and really a useless appendage of the Democratic machine.
    I suspect many of the leadership in Illinois are "Hastert types"if you know what I mean.
    Speaking of the allegedly disgraced Mel Reynolds, Rhodes Scholar, who was brought down in a sex scandal with an underage female: did you know that he claimed to have been set up, and that the girl was a Satanist?

  13. Have you researched the" falon gong" religion in China and whats been going on with the people there. There's a documentary from 10 years ago done by the doctors. Please check it out and give us your opinions! Thank you for the truth!

  14. From my experience that caused my forced retirement. Leftist are purging the government ranks to suit their nefarious goals. As a neutral person that hates the political system we are currently in that does not represent the populous that put them in power.

    What is country needs is real folks, that care for the rule of law under the U.S. CONSTITUTION. And not EDICTS that they use the claim as law.

  15. Sibel I love your videos but I don’t like your left right comparison . The progressives and socialist left is not the same as neoliberals . Neoliberals are right wingers when it comes to economy and democrat , get your analysis right !!! Come on now . Your analysis on US foreign policy and it’s imperialist angle but when it comes to domestic politics your analysis is off . The US ruling class is massively right wing . The dems aren’t left a a 18 year old who follows politics knows that . You think Pelosi and shcumer are left wingers ?

  16. Okay take this with a grain of salt which I am sure you will, but here goes. I think it is a major tragedy for humanity that women have been prevented from breast feeding their children with the advent of the bottle and advertising that babies don't want or need their mother's breasts, (here's one woman that reveals how good for children breast feeding is : but here is a benefit : If you want millions of views, just get a breast job and wear exactly what you are wearing now. You of all people deserve the money to further the expose of evil (Ephesians 5:11). I am telling you this because men have been craving their mother's breasts since day one in the usa and for the most part not getting it. You may have noticed how many views videos with big breasted and scantily clothed women actually get. I do not think this is immoral or deceiving but actually satisfies some people that can receive some long awaited nourishment. Women have breasts for a reason and that is for their children to feed for as long as they want and whenever they want is what Tasha mama says and I tend to agree it is good for their spiritual and physical development. She itemizes just how many good things that children without their mother's breasts are missing in the video linked above here. Just an idea and thanks for the videos either way. For some, like the first lady and so many in professions that almost require it, it is quite a normal procedure. One thing that Tasha also says is that women who breastfeed their babies have much less droopy boobs for a much longer time. I did not author that study but I tend to believe her as you may have noticed. Check it out if you are curious. She lives in Hawaii so the videos are quite scenic the outdoor ones and ones where she shows her boobs. As you can also see, I am being rather honest to the excess if there is such a thing so thanks for reading this and hope it is at least entertaining.

  17. Great presentation of your experience. It SHOULD inform people of all stripes. I can tell you that some of the older left will have difficulty accepting this because, during the cold war, it was the left who were the underdogs, anti-war, anti-MIC, etc etc. Even some against the war on drugs, which is a very confusing stance since the CDC Crackdown. It's like EVERYONE disappeared, kind of like the anti-war movement did when Obama was elected.

    I remember. That's where I came from. I KNEW so many people on the right who were ignorant, adolescent, aholes, who had that snarky love it or leave it smile when they told me to love it or leave it. The left were the free thinkers, the artists, the critical thinkers, the anti-authoritarians, the ones who stuck their necks out for ethics and got the retaliation. I can go on.

    While the people on the right were perfectly happy being self interested, sociopaths, yelling "get a job" when we protested against military spending, the ones who actually liked Oliver North and what he did for our great country, the ones who thought we were fighting the Contras, in fact, the ones who tried to destroy unions and privatize anything and everything in sight.

    I guess everyone remembers that paradigm. That existence. If you're anywhere near 50+ years old.

    So, WTF? Right?

    I'll start:
    Jimmy Carter signed off on Zbignew Brzezinski's plan to draw the Soviets into Afghanistan, using our Mujahideen "Freedom Fighters".

    Bill Clinton…oh you're going after the Clinton's, huh? You're one of THOSE people?

    That POTUS was responsible for NAFTA and the loss of the 1933 Glass Steagull Act, in 1999, with the Financial Services Modernization Act.

    That POTUS continued, just like the Republicans, using our Freedom Fighters in the Balkans.

    He also brought Fetulah Gulen to the USA and told the public that Imam Gulen was Hillary's best friend. He oversaw the Pentagon/CIA/NATO recruiting of more freedom fighters (later called al Qaeda) using public tax dollars and Gulen's network, to build hundreds of Mosques and madrassas (using Turkish construction company, ENKA, who also builds US embassies all over the world…for some reason (maybe passing overpayment to the CIA, I don't know)), and radicalized desperate people using IC imams and CIA "English teachers", and strapped suicide bombs on them and pointed them to their targets, which were part of the Strategy of Tension, to destabilize former Soviet states, the middle east, and, ultimately the HOMELAND ON 9/11.

    You see, by 1996, ANY of those critically thinking people on the left were becoming greens or independents, but the LESSER EVIL parrots prevailed. Cycle by cycle, getting worse every time, just like the right.

    By that time, the left should have looked BACK at Jesse Jackson and watched him hand over delegates and money to Mondale. They should have started to see A PATTERN. One that still BERNS today.

    But, anyone on the left who DID realize those things and said something and asked others to take COURAGE, was accosted continually by the parrots and even blamed for W's election.

    So what then? Most of us didn't have the ammunition yet, from Sibel, concerning Gladio Plan B
    (the official move in the Pentagon to alter operation Gladio to use religion, I stead of nationalism, after all the successes with those freedom fighters – they even helped out trafficking HEROIN, like the ethnic Albanians who ran it up to Norway, which I can vouch for, because of an incidental conversation in Oslo, before I knew who Sibel was.)

    (Blue dress stained Bill's attempt to go after Republicans in order to get blackmail to try to not get impeached and to get retaliation, involving all kinds of IC, who ended up finding dirt on not just Republicans but also Democrats. Still lots of footage that I personally think needs to be broadcast to the public, using the Emergency Broadcast System – it's the only thing I can think of to unite the country and bring back actual discourse, because the fucking PARROTS must be shamed until they parrot no longer and the thinkers can think again, after realizing just how disgustingly corrupt all 3 branches of government, as well as the 4th Estate has become. But, I'm not holding my breath. Are you listening, Mr. Draino the Swamp Cleaner?)

    And, here we are, the "left" is unrecognizable to me. Maybe that's because I declared my independence in 1996. Maybe it's because the left is stoking a cold war with Russia and they don't notice the irony because a reality tv star/ constuc-mafia-tion mogul who reminds them of the essential snarky asshole from their entire life is POTUS.



    I think that was a movie.

    I'm in a difficult spot, because I need to try to help educate some good people who don't know shit from shinola, concerning the criminally compromised shambles of a government we have. We ARE. At this point it's like Stockholm Syndrome, combined with a lobotomy, combined with nostalgia for the good ole days of feminism meaning equal pay for equal work.

    The left has become a gender. And it's perfectly fine to demand IT has big tits, just as long as the correct pronoun is used. I'm a D. A Double D.

    What are you?

    Please help me find a way to help them.

    BTW, I've learned some good things about the right, but they are just as screwed. But, being independent means you get to think. I've changed some views after talking with former right people.

    The most important thing I've learned is that left and right have been misnomers and a false dichotomy, my entire life. Thinking people just think. Conformity and divide and conquer operations are much older than I.

    My main message now, because this seems to be at the heart of the division, is that the dichotomy between Collectivism and Individualism is false. We need to deal with the fact that they don't exist without each other.

    [Insert yin yang here.]


  18. This is all coming down to Child Trafficking/Murdering and Satanic Ritual being exposed by Trump. Sibel, you are an amazing human being…Thank you for all you do to bring the Light!

  19. Sibel is truly outside the matrix which is why she’s been persecuted by the system regardless of who’s in control but most importantly, the reason why the left has been more vicious is because they have no moral compass since they’re atheists.

  20. These young supporters of the far left, socialism, communism or whatever learnt only one ideology in high school, college and the MSM and that all other ideas are bad, wrong, evil etc and because it's coming from a person of authority, they see it as the ONLY way to 'fix' things, in other words, their ideology is not only good, it's morally right in every way (obviously not true), it's like Common Purpose in the UK, who are basically a far left 5th column who's people are all in the right jobs and places in society. The cold war never ended.

  21. The victims of the media, they want you to choose a side. You have to choose a side or their heads explode. To me the far right are victims of bullying and abuse, they want everyone to suffer the way that they did. They are not conservative they cheered George Bush who grew gigantic and just threw money at it. If Bush's Homeland Security isn't growing gigantic government then Trump's ridiculous Space Farce IS.
    The same thing can be said about the victims of the media on the left. The people they Democrat politicians can't even call themselves liberal anymore they have moved so far to the rightthat they desperately tried to call themselves centrists as they start even more worse than Bush add kill just as many humans with bombs and drones if not more. I call those people television liberalsbut they desperately tried to call themselves "Progressive ™®" , and President Kennedy but probably slap every single one of them in the face. At least libertarians are actually conservative and know that endless war is a tremendous waste of money and life. I consider myself a true centrist,or maybe a true Progressive left-leaning centrist. I lean a little bit to the left but I am truly stuck in the middle between a bunch of zombie victims of the media that is controlled by that pretend to be two different sides. The nonpartisan ruling class purposely labels and divides and compartmentalize's humans. ??‍♂️

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