March 8, 2021


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First posted at Naomi Seibt’s YouTube Channel: Thousands of people came to protest against this AfD event in Muenster on February 7, 2020. But I’m not …



  1. The global warming is a FACT! Or do anybody think, that thousands of scientists lie? Please do something for our earth, for our climate, for our future!

  2. Why use a conter part for Greta?

    Why don't use scientist?

    Oh, wait! They would tell the truth about how we're killing our planet ooooffffff

    Better pick another girl to spill twisted words

  3. Naomi is very impressive and is an excellent public speaker. The term 'global warming' will become an icon of the past. There is a new way of thinking about climate change:

    I propose that Andrea Ghez will soon prove that Einstein's theory of gravity is wrong:

    There is an alternative imagery based on the idea of dark/different matter existing at the centre of the Moon which pulls on the Earth's core to create the ocean tides. The pull would be especially strong when on the same plane as the Earth to create the Spring Tides.

    Evidence for a stronger gravitational pull on the orbital plane due to dark/different matter in planetary cores comes from this scientific paper: It appears more technical than it needs to be. They are saying that the change in distant from the Sun (eccentricity) is only between 1% and 5% and so is way too small to generate the glaciers of ice ages. The orbit of the Earth also goes up and down in a more direct 100,000-year cycle (inclination) and so is a better fit to the data. They lack a credible mechanism but didn't think of an increase in tidal gravity as Earth's orbit traverses the orbital plane of Jupiter. This increase in tidal strength would bring extra precipitation to the polar regions. The increase in snowfall accumulates at a greater rate than summer melting, leading to glacial buildup and advance. The ice ages have little to do with the Sun, much more with the failed star Jupiter.

    Further evidence comes from the 405,000-year climate cycle which is attributed to Jupiter and Venus:

    Note that the official explanation is that they "perturb the Earth's orbit" to create the largest glacial cycle of them all.

    But this still only makes the Earth at most 5% further away from the Sun. The dark/different matter theory is a better fit to the data. Jupiter causes extra tidal strength on the 100,000-year cycle and Venus brings even more every 4th cycle.

    Evidence for periodic increased tidal strength in past climate is given in the following paper which states "..extreme Arctic penetration of warm North Atlantic waters." This is attributable to the addition of the 1,470-year lunar climate cycle. The next cycle I estimate to commence in around 750 years, so plenty of time for humanity to prepare itself for the biggest changes to come.

    It will all be confusing to start with but is understandable to a layperson given enough thought.

    A quick google search will find that precipitation has been increasing in both Antarctica, Greenland and Norway:

    "Scientists have compiled a record of snowfall in Antarctica going back 200 years. The study shows there's been a significant increase in precipitation over the period, up 10%. The effect of the extra snow locked up in Antarctica is to slightly slow a general trend in global sea-level rise."

    Similarly in Norway, with a very high rate of maritime precipitation, both precipitation and snowfall are increasing.

    I predict that this will increase exponentially eventually halting the trend in global sea-level rise.

    Unfortunately it appears that increasing precipitation in Greenland is currently falling as rain which will lead to increased melting, which will offset the Antarctic/Nordic accumulation in the short term.

    Sea-level change is just a part of climate change. Heat is redistributed from the equatorial regions towards the polar regions via increasing tides. The warming is much greater in the Northern hemisphere due to the unidirection of Earth's orbit as it traverses the orbital plane of Jupiter in this current cycle.

    A test for this hypothesis is to actively measure tidal height changes in the mid latitudes. I predict a small but exponential increase in tidal strength over time. Another consequence of dark/different matter core interaction will be increased mantle convection bringing extra heat to the Earth's inner crust. Bore holes from 1km to 5km can test for any increase in rock temperature. I predict a small but exponential increase in rock temperature over time.

    I am not "anti-Greta" as she is right that governments and industry need to take climate change much more seriously. Naomi is right in that the science needs to be settled first and that CO2 emissions shouldn't be targeted in an attempt to 'control the climate'. There is a new middle ground way of thinking and both Naomi and Greta have much more positive work ahead of them.

  4. Earth's climate alternates between ice ages and greenhouse periods. Human can’t really do something, human action’s influences are sooooo small. If you look the universe, human can be ignored. “Climate change” activities can not do anything to influence the climate changing, but to create more panic. Weather you use electricity or not, can not stop the climate change.

  5. Naomi Seibt is a member of the "Junge Alternative" (Young Alternative), which is right-wing extremist and anticonstitutional in the opinion of the "Verfassungsschutz" (Office of Protection of the Constitution) in Germany. She is intensively sponsored and trained for interviews by the Heartland Institute, which is funded by tobacco, gas, coal and oil companies.

  6. In einem Punkt hat sie allerdings Unrecht. Sie sagt ein Strohhalm ändert nichts am Klima. Was ist das bitte für eine Denkweise? Bei 8 Milliarden Menschen sind es 8 Milliarden Strohhälme, okay sagen wir mal 6 Milliarden, da Babys ja anders ernährt werden. Und das pro Getränk pro Tag. In einem Jahr wären es dann knapp 2 Billionen Strohhälme und das bei einem Getränk pro Tag. Schon in 10 Jahren bei 3 Getränken pro Tag wären es 60 Billionen Strohhälme. Weiß sie, was das für ein Haufen Plastikmüll ist? Und nicht nur der Müll, auch der Energieaufwand bei der Herstellung! Und jeder Strohhalm ist noch mal einzeln in einer Plastiktüte verpackt.

    Auch ich bin Realist und sage natürlich sollte man lieber auf Strohhälme verzichten.

    Aber sie ist ohne Zweifel ein starkes Mädel. Ich bewundere sie. Zu 99 % hat sie ja absolut Recht.

  7. Those, who proudly brand themselves as 'climate science skeptics' tend to not bother questioning the information sources that they have chosen to immerse themselves in.

    Climate change is real, so why the controversy and debate? Learn to make sense of the science and to respond to climate change denial in Denial101x, a MOOC from UQx and edX.

    DENIAL101x FLICC The Techniques of Science Denial Part 1

    DENIAL101x FLICC The Techniques of Science Denial Part 2

    DENIAL101x FLICC The Techniques of Science Denial Part 3

  8. AHHHahaha! What a disaster for the bankrupt Heartland Institute. Naomi's mom Karoline is an attorney who works with Alternative für Deutschland Germany's far-right nationalist party with ties to neo-Nazis. Ms. Seibt's American rightwing debut, at a CPAC sideshow promoting Our Bright Coal-Choked Future, was marred by the news that she has her own far-right baggage. Seibt took part in a YouTube discussion following a deadly attack on a synagogue in October, in which she had some thoughts about how Jews get way too much sympathy in Germany. She also explained she's a great big fan of Canadian wingnut race-baiter and manosphere hero Stephan Molyneux, whom she considers an "inspiration." So all in all, not a good roll-out for the Anti-Greta.

  9. Coming from Canada you are a breath of fresh air keep the good work Naomi. I hope your able to travel and eventually visit our great country Canada before this political climate change hoax takes over our land. Our young people need to listen to a sensible young person who unlike Greta is not owned by a controlling/political force.

  10. Pro Human? What about all the other creatures on the planet? I feel like Naomi has some good points (the Eco Depression and making ppl panic) but she is also missing the point…humans are but a small part of the workings of the earth and Mother Nature…it’s not all about us

  11. The Heartland institute is not scientific organisation. The Heartland institute practices religion, not science, ignores new inventions and do not change old theory, because big oil business mans requires to do so. The Heartland institute supports neonazism. Neonazists are not as smart as they think. Neonazis do not care about environment and future, they care only about their ass. Neonazis use all possible ways to kill blacks, asians and native americans quietly – biological weapons, psychotronic weapons, and others as cunningly as possible. Lie as far as it goes. There is no limiting laws for neonazists, they do not follow Christianity laws.

  12. The IPCC is attempting to discredit her which begs the question why? Surely if she were wrong, then they'd be able to simply prove her wrong. But they can't because "predictive" models of a chaotic system (i.e. the climate) can never be proven correct, they have to be taken on FAITH. So Climate Change is more a religion than science, it is based on BELIEF. That is why the EU teaches it early in schools, before the critical mind fully develops – a trait of all religions. Those that "manage" the religion must prevent their follower from hearing criticism of their faith, because the whole thing will collapse like a deck of cards. Hence anyone who points out faults is called a denier, skeptic, .. They see critics as of man made "Global Warming" as heretics. I find it unreal that people BELIEVE mathematical models of a chaotic system, its absolutely absurd – I would say they hold as much weight scientifically as the daily horoscope in a newspaper.

  13. This young lady comes across as rational, extremely intelligent and well researched. Greta only comes across as emotional and unhinged. Notice how this young, Naomi Seibt backs up her argument with actual data. Greta provides absolutely NOTHING to attempt to back up her argument except her feelings. So what's the left's response to this bright young lady? Well, it's the same as it always is of course. They're already running coast to coast headlines calling her a white supremacist. This is what the left does every time they can't defend against an opposing argument. Right on cue they just scream "RACIST!"

  14. Warum soll der Begriff "Klimaleugner" den Holocaust relativieren? Das eine hat doch mit dem anderen überhaupt nichts zu tun. Der Einzige, der diese Verbindung je gezogen hat, war Tom Radtke und der ist inzwischen als rechtsextremer Maulwurf der Identitären enttarnt worden.

    Im Übrigen, wenn es keinen Klimawandel gibt, warum hatten wir dann diesen Winter noch keinen Schnee? Diese Göre wird doch von der Öl- und Kohleindustrie finanziniert! Ihr Arbeitsgeber Heartland hat ja auch schon für die Tabaklobby Behauptungen verbreitet, Rauchen sei nicht gesundheitsschädlich.

  15. I believe in protecting the climate, but something has to be done about the climate craziness that is going on. Activists are trying to totally frighten everyone Unfortunately this we will be dead in 10 years is not science it is hype. The people who are most vulnerable to this fear mongering are the people who do not actually research but believe what the media tells them. This young lady is trying in her way to stop the craziness

  16. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it.”

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