NBA season to continue after 16 players positive for COVID-19

The resumption of the NBA season is full steam ahead despite 16 players testing positive for COVID-19 out of 302 tested.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said “no options are risk-free right now” but believes they have “developed a safe and responsible plan”.

Infected players will isolate away from their teams for 14 days.

With no fans in attendance, the league will provide a better remote experience, with increased camera angles, personalized alternative screens, enhanced audio of players & coaches, and virtual concerts & halftime shows.

The NBA revealed its schedule for the July 30 restart, set to take place in Orlando.

The 30 teams entering the NBA hub will compete in eight “seeding games” before a normal playoff format begins.

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19 thoughts on “NBA season to continue after 16 players positive for COVID-19”
  1. OMG !!! Close the NBA down until 2030, or whenever (if ever) this china virus is gone…which it like NEVER will be. The way Australia is acting, your grandchildren now will be adults before they're allowed to go outside.

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