April 18, 2021


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Neil Oliver: All political parties are 'self-harming'

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Television presenter Neil Oliver has told talkRADIO why he is questioning whether ‘all political parties are involved in a mass suicide’. Speaking to Mike Graham …


48 thoughts on “Neil Oliver: All political parties are 'self-harming'

  1. In my opinion, our current political parties are anti human, anti social and anti serving the people who have gave them power of consent. They all seem more intent in serving the doctrine of the corporate elite.

  2. 3 years to make a real change. We need to be able to vote for a party that is 100% for us, could there ever be such a party ? We can shout and scream all we want, it wont change a thing. A million people marching didnt stop the illegal war did it. The next election rallying cries should be starting now because this is so clearly an agenda as the lack of opposition clearly shows.

  3. Niel is one of Scotland's finest and the National Trust unfortunately don't do him justice They are riding roughshod over many farming tenants across the British Isles and it's painful to see and experience. They have become totalitarian too

  4. I just had another Neil Oliver dvd delivered today the most intelligent and entertaining man if you haven’t already seen them do yourself a favour and watch at least one

  5. This is whats wrong in Britain..UKIP came third in terms of votes with 12.6%, but won only one seat, with party leader Nigel Farage failing to win the seat of South Thanet. The Green Party won its highest-ever share of the vote with 3.8%, and retained its only seat… Scotland The Scottish National Party (SNP) received the most votes (45%, up 8.1% from the previous election) and won 48 out of 59 seats — a gain of 13 over those won in 2017, and 81% of the Scottish seats in the House of Commons.Not chronological order, but the right principle. Stalin would have loved it

  6. Neil Oliver I love you! 'It's like the SNP have been handed a dog when they wanted a cat!' Hilarious. You bet. Keep these videos coming. Light in the darkness. Thank you.

  7. I'm in Scotland, snp are disgusting !! She is killing people, Sturgeon has an overly large ego and thinks she's the be all and end all. I'll give her the end all part because that's literally what she's doing to us, ending lives and mental health stability. She us cruel and should be held accountable for her actions

  8. Nearly ALL of these politicians of ALL PARTIES, their advisors and supporters all SEEM TO BE FREEMASONS. The fifth column are all busy leading us to the NWO slaughterhouses . The police really seem to be really relishing their role of enforcers, but loads of them ARE masons and think they are doing their sworn duty to implement the now non existing virus. There are 32000 Gloc automatic pistols for the police, who will be issued soon to keep the insurrection down with EXTREME PREDUDICE force. THE COUP is taking place right now and might be from tomorrow onwards.`

  9. its a three-headed one party marxist system , a democratic dictate which projects the illusion of democracy but in truth every party is pro-green, pro-globalisation and anti-british !

  10. this is a disgraceful click bait tile – once these criminals start ending up in body bags then you can say that in the meantime keep blaming the criminals instead of the ones that are truely responsible – those responsible for the state we are in is because people dont have agency over their own lives, instead of saying "im not sick therefore I will not wear a muzzle" " im not an inmate therefor I will not self imprison"

  11. I am 75 and classified as a 'vulnerable' adult. During the first lockdown, I was given a food box with all that canned supermarket's own brands. Bet some government minister got a deal with the owners of the supermarkets supplying the 'stuff'.

  12. As someone who worked for twenty years with members of the public who self harmed, I couldn't agree with Neil Oliver more – he is a refreshing voice of reason & sanity in a rapidly deteriorating world. Thank you Neil & thank you Talk Radio

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