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Neil's Financial Insights – DECEMBER 2020

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46 thoughts on “Neil's Financial Insights – DECEMBER 2020

  1. You believe China has all the gold they have? They may have it, but it no longer belongs to the government, the top CCP officials have long moved the REAL gold to Switzerland under individuals owerships, those in China are FAKE, gold coated BRASS, trillion tons of them, they can make more every day, their factories are very efficient.

  2. Capitalism only works in countries that have a solid foundation of a public sector(roads, communication, clean air, food, water) or socialism if you like.. or you have a failed capitalism states in Africa that have no infrastructure, laws, regulations, even police is non existent.

  3. I think the one thing your missing is the 1933 collapse was world wide, and the Deutsche Mark overnight became worthless, no matter what you could not buy anything with a barrel of money.

  4. Please keep us in your prayers.
    My wife was rushed to emergency hospital this morning. She is five months pregnant with twin girls. Her water broke and heavy bleeding. She may lose one baby and they are trying to save the one baby so it doesn't effect the second baby and effect mommies health. Please pray for my wife and the twin girls. I have our young son home here with me now. Thank you……..

  5. According to Svali, an Illuminati defector of 1994, "The Illuminiti have planned first for a financial collapse that will make the great depression look like a picnic. This will occur through the maneuvering of the great banks and financial institutions of the world, through stock manipulation, and interest rate changes, etc. Most people will be indebted to the federal government through bank and credit card debt, etc. The governments will recall all debts immediately, but most people will be unable to pay and will be bankrupted. This will cause generalized financial panic which will occur simultaneously worldwide, as the Illuminists firmly believe in controlling people through finances."
    Your comments, please.

  6. So what is the point of buying a house or an asset if Klaus Schwab says we'll own nothing and be happy. The Danish PM said we won't even own any clothes, so i'm presuming no precious metals either or hair straighteners.
    I tried to Join the Navy. In the interview a Captain Birds eye figure gave me a Penny and told me to take it to Woolworths which was just up the road. Go in the first door he says and put your penny in the scales on the left and come back when your a Stone heavier. On the way I saw the Army careers on the other side so joined them. I was so light I would never have been allowed on deck but was tall enough for a radio operator in the Signals.
    Nearly 50 years later my Doctor remarked last week I am thin so still couldn't get in the Navy.

  7. At about 32: I agree with you on the culture. So true. So divided. Unfortunately that is what they want to divide and conquer. Almost bought a home with low interest rates in the states . Have not ever been involved in a loan when in the sellers market so decided not to purchase. Keep up the good work Neil.

  8. I follow ‘Meet Kevin” and he has made mistakes. One of them is when he urge people to take Forbearance with your mortgage. The gamble is that you’re kicking the can down the road and extending your debt. That’s crazy if you can still manage the mortgage, which I can, (Thank God).

  9. I have been thinking about the gold confiscation a lot lately. I have some coins, but I have been buying 999 gold jewellery pendants as there hasn’t been a jewellery confiscation before. You do pay higher premiums for it but it is a good hedge in a high risk situation.

  10. The Australian federal government has abandoned a deal to buy tens of millions of doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine being developed in Australia.
    The University of Queensland and biotechnology company CSL have abandoned trials of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate after some participants returned false positive results for HIV.
    Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the development early on Friday.

  11. Greetings from Costa Rica. I think a lot of people owning (overpriced) expensive cars and homes are in for a rude awakening. Best to hunker down debt free and wait out these crazy times. Just saying.

  12. Your a good man Nile. When I was 17 I was underground hard rook mining. I was 5.7 170 lbs. and I could scrap’ and I Learned how to do that Because I couldn’t stand bullies) I always helped the under dog and never looked for trouble. And it was always the big guys that were the bulls) if they started with me.
    they never had to ask me twice) And I was always for the underdog. Just the way I was brought up.

  13. Neil, thank you for your work, such a detailed and informative content. I follow you and agree with everything you say. I personally have lived through recession in Russia and know until it happened you don't believe it's possible. I highly value your opinion, would you please provide your point of view on this video, its really scares me. Thanks

  14. as always thanks for the truth. sorry you can`t say all of what you think, believe and know as on poo tube it will get you banned. free speech is dead on the normal google internet

  15. a CBDC will be programmable currency , say 18 to 35 year olds get high interest to help them save 36 to 55 get medium interest and 56 and over get low interest to make them spend. full control of the economy. i love silver and crypto. and remember debit is modern slavery. the bank rule the world and soon they will own it all with QE.

  16. The risk of a dollar collapse is much lower than the Hwang becoming the reserve currency. You are talking about a country that does not respect copyright laws or any laws at all. Buy the Hwang at your own risk. They will manipulate the Hwang blatantly and I can see your wealth disappear. Accumulate gold and silver all you want but when and if the government outlaws the use of alloy for currency, then the hunk of metal will be worthless as well.
    The countries of Asia are united? Neil. You're not Asian and know nothing about Asia. Just because you visit there doesn't mean you understand the culture at all. Asia is not united. Tell me of an Asian country that is allied to another, without force. (N Korea and China is an allied by force). The people in Asia, especially China and India, work by force, not by free will. Why would they lock up factories' doors during work hours? They're the slave race that work for their masters. And the digital face recognition for example in Asia, especially China, is to further control their people, not to make their lives easier. HAHAHA. Neil, you are funny and way too naïve.

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