June 14, 2021


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Neil's Monthly Financial Insights – JUNE 2021

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38 thoughts on “Neil's Monthly Financial Insights – JUNE 2021

  1. You might want to delete the 1st 5 minutes of no content. I left the video and came back later. Maybe a lot won't bother to come back or be curious enough to scroll through.

  2. Neil you're right about the housing crisis not crashing as it should have done. But I remember this famous quote from John Maynard Keynes: ''The markets can stay irrational for longer than you remain solvent.'' It's a bitch isn't it!

  3. If any good or service is purchased in anticipation of profiting from short term value gain, it's a speculative use of capital. If a $100 speculative investment takes a 50% loss, the remaining $50 requires 100% ROI to reach breakeven. It's been said that in the late 1920's (roaring 20's), NY cab drivers were offering hear-say investment advice to their fares, that's general the level of hysteria we're seeing right now. Cashing out real estate and crazy high P/E stocks at these prices would seem to offer the least opportunity for regret. Yes, you might miss a market peak but capital will be intact. Don't take investment advice from cab drivers!

  4. China is in the ideal position to see themselves become the dominant superpower in the next few years. Basically, they are in a similar position that America was in post-WWII. China owns the majority of the globe's means of production. Western nations made this decision a few decades ago. Once Chinese currency becomes worth more, Western countries will not be able to continue to get cheap goods and won't be able to make their own. We are in for some fun times.

  5. The globalist zionists pushed Western manufacturing & production to the East as part of their(zionist's) global take over. This process started in early 70's already. All their cards are falling into place at the speed of light ,since they pulled the covert19 trigger.

  6. Hmmmmm?
    Neil! and all you good guys out there did you hear that just now from Gordon Brown? Has he has just said re vaccines its a matter of life or death?

    “The Vaccinated will live
    The Unvaccinated “will” die”

    BBC News UK @ 07:27

    And so:
    Here is wisdom. Let him that has understand count ……….etc


  7. Cryptographic digital currencies are TRASH and no respectable person should would be into it. Just the hopeless less analytical type are drawn to it like the gambler/traders they are. Yes as long as that mechanism/technology exists many will give it validity. But so is there validity drawn unto central banking, credit scoring systems the various currencies etc just because they exist does not make them legitimate for your existence, they are tools for those working against your liberty, for your enslavement.

  8. Manufacturing going to developing countries is all linked to UN agreements. Australia signed up to the UN Lima declaration in 1975. It has basically allowed the big corporations to exploit people and killed jobs in west

  9. Kenya , that is the military turning up emf on the people. Checkout Rwanda and the three letter american agency.

  10. @Neil – I wasn’t able to join live as I was recording a psycho-education video on my channel, however I noticed that in my own video, in my section on “distress tolerance”, your video thumbnail is visible at minute marker 16-18 ☺️ https://youtu.be/el70SPR0hk0. And enjoy Costarica! That’s awesome! I have friends there, so message me on LinkedIn if you want to make new friends there, as well. Cheers, R

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