May 12, 2021


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Neil's Monthly Financial Insights – MAY 2021

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40 thoughts on “Neil's Monthly Financial Insights – MAY 2021

  1. Hi Neil, lovin your vids mate 👍
    A question ; If Bitcoins supply is 100% fixed, it would appreciate in value over time. This would mean people will delay buying goods and services to maximise its purchasing power. Isnt this deflationary and make Bitcoin unusable as a currency?

  2. It's interesting that you Neil say you don't make any money now from YouTube. I've told friends don't rely on it because they could always pull the plug. I have my own website and blog. Good teaching!

  3. Do you think with the unpredictability of the when more than the what meaning holding a lower asset debt even at fixed low rate or crypto and metals isn’t it wise to just hold a selection of the strongest growth amd value stocks that will eventually reach a stable value ie intrinsic worth ? If you have cash flow you can remain more solvent and the stock will go up eventually. Where as the metal crypto amd real estate portion of a portfolio will never have a predictable upside by comparison ?

  4. Biden is helpnig China bring the financial crash in the US if you think about of all the misssteps in the US lately it makes so much sense

  5. Youtube is communist garbage. Move to another platform and just use youtube to make small pointers to that other platform. Don't wait for the communist to cancel you – cancel them instead.

  6. Didn’t realise you was from Coventry Neil. Spent my first 28 years there before moving to Solihull then Spain. Can i ask why you are so concerned about a property crash before purchasing a property to live in? So it may take a hit of 30-40% in a crash but overtime they will return to a level where once again where you will have equity. Also you could purchase something where you could possibly add value. No disrespect to people who are renting but it never feels like home when you paying to a landlord, you just do not have the motivation to make changes that ,will make it a real home. Life is short, the time you spend waiting and waiting for a correction you will never get back when it could be enjoyed in your own home.
    I know that’s not good business advice but life cannot be all about chasing the next dollar. The memories you make in a home are a priceless asset.

  7. Never a truer word said! @43mins "Get yourself a really good accountant" / "it is a false economy to get a cheap accountant" / "a good accountant I could've avoided alot of the taxes I paid"

  8. There's a Youtube channel that uploaded a couple of your videos and they also uploaded one of mine. I filed a copyright claim and Youtube took mine down. The channel's name is misinform'd

  9. We are to become slaves! China has a new crypto Yuan. It is programmed so that people have to spend their allocations by a certain deadline to stop people saving! Christine LaGarde of the IMF says that the IMF will go to China to rollout a crypto currency. The IMF is in cahouts with China. She also says we need global negative interest rates! The Economic Reset is happening NOW! Global Communism or Collectivism. Our money will be transferred to crypto in a year or two and they can then track and trace, deduct taxes and fines automatically, and programme it with expiry dates on our income.

  10. Crypto is too big were building defi on-top of coins now it's becoming part of the financial system. I pretty sure equities will all be trading as coins sometime in the future.

  11. Dont keep too much money in the banks. Bail in laws apply now. Best thing to do is have tangible assets and items for barter like lighters, tobacco, food toilet rolls, candles etc etc. Also as Neil says any service you can offer others can be bartered.
    Gold and silver is a good hold to preserve wealth but transferring into money will be a dangerous activity when you need to do it. In a depression you want to give off the impression that you are as skint as everyone else.

  12. Neil, your insights into precious metals and crypto are spot on- and though I don't have the resources to buy real estate- I am feeling very confident I will know what to do and how to approach it when the opportunity arrives, BLESS YOU!!

  13. Tennessee! Neil, are silver eagles safe silver? Or can it be tied to the dollar when it crashes? What is safe silver to buy? I know you were buying monster boxes of eagles in your previous videos! Thanks 🙂

  14. Said it all right there "if you can afford to lose" (talking about Bitcoin)…"if you can't afford to lose (talking about Silver). Also said "very high risk" (which i agree with) about Cryptocurrency. Just for clarification Crypto is 1's and 0's on a screen and Silver is a HARD ASSET.
    I am actually shocked as a former military veteran that you don't recognize the reality of the fact that they can have all the drones and ai and whatever tech you want to talk about but at the end of the day in order to hold land you still need boots on the ground, there is NO WAY around that reality.

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