June 17, 2021


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New Brunswick woman arrested, pinned by cops for entering store while mask exempt

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41 thoughts on “New Brunswick woman arrested, pinned by cops for entering store while mask exempt

  1. You are required to provide id when asked so
    The police can put it in a file . When I go
    Through a dui check stop and i get id can’t just say well I did nothing wrong so I’m gonna run lol

  2. This policeman is wrong. People are exempt from wearing masks if they have a health reason. I do hope this woman fights this abusive attack of the Police and gets justice? Amen.

  3. the cops the store lady and manager/ owner all need to have a common law claim of trespass, assault causing bodily harm, etc laid against them as LIVING people not in their LEGAL PERSONS capacity for large sums of money to send them a message about violating a woman's rights

  4. I still don't understand why people don't realise the legal system being merchant law / admiralty deals with LEGAL PERSONS ie fictional persons created by Vital Statistics for the purposes of commercial engagement / practices and is NOT applicable to living souls

  5. The officers need to be charged with assault causing bodily harm, harassment. Good for her for standing up for herself based on her constitutional rights. Also she did the right thing too, in a) not providing ID and b) refusing to sign. They cannot make you do either, if you do you enter into contracts with them, forfeiting your rights.

  6. @ Mars Orozco. Micky Mouse was sitting in a bar having a few beers with his mate Biggy Rat when he asked him if he had gotten his Covid jab yet. Biggy looked at Mickey with surprise and replied; Are you kidding they haven't completed the Human Trials yet!!! 🙈🙉🙊 😵.

  7. I'm glad she is getting help. I hope their are lawsuits and possible charges against the Police Department and government officials. The only way to get them to back off is to face consequences of their own. Much easier to abuse law abiding citizens than go after real criminals.

  8. What repercussions is there for this so called "peace officer" for attacking disabled people? There is no law stating that one must provide ID. These men must be held liable!

  9. Oh yes….the quick to snitch karen and the oath/law breaking thug collaborating again so they can feel superior to everyone else.
    Not to mention cops have abandoned law enforcement (their job) to chase after masks like the clueless, situation inventing clowns they are.

  10. Please please my fellow canadians ….vote for the Trudy government again that way our beloved supreme leader will be the greatest dictator ever……let's make his dreams come true.

  11. We all must globally understand that our governments who are supposed to serve us are now going seriously rogue, their plan is to economically reset all of the currently affected countries that they continue to destroy through:


    They’re doing it in order to bring about a New World Order, a dystopian totalitarian future akin to George Orwell’s vision of 1984, the plan has been in the works for a very long time, and is now well and truly underway.

    The mainstream media are just the voice box of the hidden hand, it’s all very Mafioso if you were to ask me, the powers that where stripped from the Vatican have moved to the New World as it was known in medieval times.

    The Pope of that time was exiled to France after the outrageous inquisitions in the period of reformation, the Mafia have infiltrated the New World (America) hence the term New World Order.

    They have managed to infiltrate American politics through blackmail, extortion, prostitution, drugs, putting politicians in compromising positions and then those politicians have then given them credence.

    Masonic lodges play a massive secret society role, to name but one; “Skull & Bones.”

    The deep state!

    All roads lead to Rome, nothing gets the go ahead without the current (Antichrist) Pope’s blessings, the UN, WEF, WHO, IMF, DAVOS, CERN etc.

    Klaus Schwab and Billy boy Gates, George Soros, Kissinger, Blair, Brown, Boris etcetera are all in it together, hence the global parrot fashion statements such as:

    We want our planet back!
    We are all in this together!
    6uild 6ack 6etter!
    You will own nothing and you will be happy!

    Research Event 201/202, ID2020, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Luciferase biometric tattoo to name but a few, Cyber Polygon 9th July 2021 is next.

    The mandatory Mask is ritualistic by its very nature, as are the astrologically timed announcements etc

    The Mark Of The Beast system part is where we are now in time whereby being subservient is not advisable even though it’s an option, I beg you all out there to please not accept the mark of the beast or the number of his name.

    We all know who I am referring here to don’t we?

    SATAN, SATURN, Sun Worshippers,
    SANTA is after all an anagram for Satan.
    Sunday worship even though the true sabbath day is Saturday! Bloody book burners!

    The Bible has been manipulated overtime too.

    As I have said; “All roads lead to Rome.”

    Fancy dress!

    Catholicism-Satanism clothed in a holy guise.

    Rise up as one and be counted in the name of Jesus Christ he is our only hope now, nobody and nothing else will do!



  12. Sorry but this chick is a fruit cake! If she simply provided the police her mask exemption or proof of exemption or even called her GP then they would have just left her alone….she was looking for a fight in my eyes and she got exactly what she deserves!

  13. This crap seripusly makes me mad
    An anybody who has a ounce of common sense left or half a brain.
    These cops who i guess are doin wat the are told by the superiours.
    They have ability to show discretion but they dont is this the sort of crap u signed up for, do u go home to families wife childten how would u feel if this was ur family member do u have boundaries .
    Stand up people
    Stand up ,take a stand against tyranny cause thats all this is
    I live in victoria australia we have same thing happening here

  14. Police are allowing themselves to be used as jackboot thugs of corrupt, evil politicians. If they are doing so to protect their jobs, it is a big mistake. Yes, they will keep them in the short term, but will lose them in the long term. Every officer has a personal responsibility to reject unlawful orders. Arresting someone over unlawful orders is a grave miscarriage of justice. “I’m just following orders,” never cuts it. Each of these officers must eventually be relieved of duty and never permitted to hold a position of public trust again. Also, trespass enforcement laws and regulations need to be seriously reviewed for businesses which actually are the public square, when buying and selling are restricted due to a nefarious reason such as this.

  15. And the people wonder why the police are so hated. Masks don't work dummies, read the outside of the box that the masks come in, it tells you that they will do not stop viruses.

  16. It's amazing how the virus isn't dangerous to police tackling people to ground. Masks dont stop anything. Imagine what they will do to enforce injections under some law that doesn't exist. The police are creating an unsafe society, crime will go up, it's only going to get worse

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